FRP sheets

Durostone® and Glastic® pressed sheets

We use modern presses to manufacture a wide range of frp sheets – fibre reinforced polyester, vinylester and epoxy resin sheets – to meet all national and international standards and requirements with dimensions of up to 4,200 x 3,400 mm and 12,000 x 950 mm.

Cut-off service

Our great delivery capacity of frp sheets is ensured by our extensive and well assorted stock in semi-finished products as well as by SMC technology (Sheet Molding Compound) being used. We are thus in a position to deliver fixed dimensions without any delay. Our cutting department with CNC-controlled pre-cutting saws creates flexibility for any size required.

Special grades

Together with our customers we develop specialized frp sheets to fulfil certain requirements in the field of fire protection or resistance against chemicals or with optimized mechanical, electrical or thermal properties.

Product range Durostone® sheets

Standard sizes for UP grades

  • 2.020 x 1.020 x  0,8 -    3 mm
  • 2.470 x 1.250 x  3    -  40 mm
  • 2.440 x 1.220 x  4    -  80 mm 

Standard sizes for EP grades

  • 2.440 x 1.220 x  4    -   60 mm
  • 1.900 x 1.000 x  4    - 140 mm
  • 3.030 x 1.220 x  0,5 -   60 mm

Maximum dimensions

  •   4.200 x 3.400 mm
  • 12.000 x    950 mm


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