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Safely storing chemical media - PE 100 Materials

Tanks for storing chemical media must meet high requirements: They must be perfectly safe even at aggressive media, high thermal stress and intense UV radiation. We offer a great selection of plastics specifically for the construction of round and rectangular tanks. They are particularly chemicals-resilient,heat-resilient and easy to process. We will gladly advise you in selecting the right materials for your application. For construction of your tanks, we offer a comprehensive database of chemicals-resilient plastics and the tried and tested tank calculation program RITA.

Your advantages

  • High process safety thanks to outstanding chemicals resilience
  • Form masses with DIBt-approval
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for outdoor use thanks to high UV resilience
  • Very easily weldable and processable

Typical areas of application

  • Storage tanks for different chemical media
  • Rectangular tanks
  • Round tanks
  • Roofs and bottoms for tanks
  • In liners in composite tanks

RITA tank calculation programme

Our tank calculation programme RITA® - Röchling's Integrated Tankbuilding Assistant calculatess free standing, pressureless circular and rectangular tanks under consideration of the current DVS-standards.

More about our RITA® tank calculation programme

Product examples

Durostone® fasteners - galvanic operations

Durostone® fasteners - Our Durostone® fasteners are particularly resilient against aggressive media and gases, and therefore particularly suitable for use in galvanic operations.

Mobile covering hood

Mobile covering hood - At a density of 0.65 g/cm³, Foamlite® P is much lighter in weight than any sheet of compact PP (0.915 g/cm³). With its chemical resilience and mechanical stability, the light-weight construction material is specifically customised for use in the chemical tank and plant construction. Foamlite® with its lower weight has constructional cost benefits there - e.g. as mobile covering hood.

Storage tanks for sulphuric acid

Made of Polystone® G black B 100, the sulphuric acid storage tank resist the chemical stress permanently and permit safe storage.

Housing of Polystone® G HD black

Housings made of Polystone® G HD black are suitable for permanent use outdoors thanks to their high UV resilience.

Stepping surfaces made of Polystone® Safe-Tec

Stepping surfaces made of Polystone® Safe-Tec - Polystone® Safe-Tec C is a multi-layered and grained sheet specifically developed for floors and stepping areas in chemical tank and plant construction. It is characterised by a slip-inhibiting surface (reviewed purs. to DIN 51130) and very high chemicals resilience.

Products and Materials

Arrange technical advice

The performance and reliability of materials for storage tanks for chemical media are influenced by a variety of factors. These criteria need to be considered in order to make the right choice. Examples:

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.


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