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Software RITA
Software RITA

RITA® 5.1 - The tank calculation software

The tank calculation software RITA® has been used for more than 20 years to perform calculations as part of the structural analysis of tanks made of thermoplastics. RITA® 5 is based on the latest technology and combines the proven advantages of the successful software with a number of other useful new features.

The most important features in RITA® 5

  • 3D viewer showing a three-dimensional preview of the tank.
  • Switch between 3D view and 2D sketch of the tank possible
  • Calculation of tanks having conical or sloped bottoms for installation in earthquake zones
  • Expansion of the calculation of tanks in a collecting tank with seismic load
  • Calculation of rectangular tanks made of the twin-wall sheet Polystone® P CubX®
  • Extended steel section database for rectangular tanks
  • Consideration of the new draft of the DVS guideline 2205-5 for the calculation of rectangular tanks
  • Complete revision and extension of the static printouts

RITA also offers:

  • Program interface and reports in German, English, French, Czech and Polish
  • In addition to the standard materials, tanks made of PE-EL can also be calculated
  • Consideration of the DIBt media list
  • Miner tool for calculating the mean media temperature

The special features for the round tank calculation include:

  • Calculation of tanks in shell construction according to DVS 2205-2 supplement 6
  • Wind and snow load zone tool for easy determination of wind and snow loads
  • Calculation of tanks for installation in the earthquake area
  • Proof of a floating protection for tanks placed inside a collecting tank

The highlights of the rectangular tanks are:

  • Either automatically optimized or interactive calculation of tanks with all-round reinforcements
  • Consideration of tie rods when calculating tanks with all-round reinforcements
  • Steel profile management to determine which profiles should be taken into account in the calculation
  • Various steel grades can be selected for the steel profiles

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