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Product Design & Development

Your Development & Engineering Partner

Our in-house development team of designers, engineers and ergonomists combines innovative strength with many years of industry experience and in-depth engineering knowledge. Our customers use our expertise in plastics and metal processing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry to consult us as a development partner – whether for a new product development or the improvement of an existing design.


From Idea to Series Production

We prefer to be involved right from the start to accompany you holistically in your development process: from feasibility analysis, material selection and determining manufacturing requirements to component design, initial prototyping and into ongoing series production.

The earlier we are involved, the more effectively our product engineering experts can ensure that your design is optimized from the outset in terms of its function, quality, price-performance ratio and time-to-market.

Our customers appreciate our creative approach to finding solutions - for example in joint innovation workshops for idea generation - and our ability to realize ideas through a lean and transparent project organization.

In-house R&D team with expertise in plastics and metal processing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Design for Manufacturing in Plastics and Metal

In the design and tolerancing of plastic parts, special know-how is required to optimize the manufacturing process, ensure process reliability and reduce costs.

We work with state-of-the-art design and development tools and carry out extensive simulations prior to constructing the molding tools in order to optimize aspects such as wall thickness, undercuts and radii. Our many years of know-how in the processing of plastics for medical device, pharma packaging and drug delivery solutions is incorporated into every step of the process.

With our stainless steel and titanium processing expertise in the United States, we are a competent partner when it comes to the combination of plastics and metal in medical devices.


We Support Your Successful Launch

To ensure a successful launch of the new development, we take care of all necessary documentation required for the approval of the products according to the applicable standard (ISO 13485, ISO 15378). This includes, for example, requirement specifications, design FMEA, test protocols or production data sheets.


Shaping the Future – Innovation at Röchling Medical

Taking into account usability and human factors in medical device design and the development of pharmaceutical packing and drug delivery solutions is key for a safe, effective end product.

We leverage our partnerships with medical experts, hospitals, universities and research institutes to gain insights for user- and patient-centric design and actively engage with technologies and topics that will shape the future – such as the healthcare digitizing, additive manufacturing technologies and design for sustainability.

Digital technologies and their integration into medical devices and applications for the pharmaceutical industry are also the drivers and motivation behind our own research and developments, such as Connect-e-Cap® or the use of marker technology for the clear component authentication and identification.


How We Innovate


Product Innovation

  • Network of experts (universities, research institutes, healthcare professionals)
  • Customer innovation workshops and design thinking
  • Smart approaches to individualizing
  • Connected products: integration of electronics and sensor


Material Innovation

  • Smart material combinations: hybrid and multilayer solutions, multi-component plastic products (2K), combinations of plastics and metal
  • Sustainable material solutions 
  • Functionalized polymers and coatings
  • Use of marker technology


Process Innovation

  • Rethinking and recombining technologies
  • Smart automation solutions along the whole process chain
  • Advanced simulations
  • Digital Twinning
  • Use of 3D printing in mold design
  • Recycling concepts

Competences at the Following Locations

Case Studies

As a solution provider, we combine our expertise in research & product development, materials & technologies, and automation & industrialization with our experience, our quality standards, and our ambition to work with our customers to design a product that meets their individual requirements.

Our case studies give you an insight into the challenges faced by our customers in pharma, diagnostics and medical technology sectors and the tailor-made solutions that we jointly created for them.

Patient-Centric Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

Röchling Medical collaborated with Heidelberg University Hospital to develop optimised packaging designs for and together with patients with motor impairments.
Optimizing a Complex Assembly for a Class 3 Medical Device

Optimizing a Complex Class 3 Medical Device

By intelligent product redesign, we are able to simplify manufacturing processes, automate assembly procedures and optimize product features.
Glass Vial Protection

Innovative Plastic Protectors for Glass Injection Vials

The damage caused by glass breakage is particularly high for expensive or toxic injectables. Röchling Medical developed a smart packaging solution to safeguard those drugs.
High-Speed automatic assembly solution for medical technology devices

Custom Automation Concepts

With our experience and know-how in combining injection molding and assembly, we find intelligent solutions for advanced tooling and automation concepts.
Case Study: Ensuring the Manufacturability of a Complex Functional Design

Design for Manufacturability

Challenged to optimise design for manufacturability, Röchling Medical combined three processing technologies for a multi-component container system for use in diagnostic analyzers.
Quality Controlling of Non-Standing Articles

Automated Quality Control

Find out how we solved in-line quality control challenges for containers with peaked bottoms by developing an intelligent automation solution.

Metal and Plastic Processing from a Single Source

To produce a trocar for ophthalmic surgery, Röchling Medical Lancaster combines its expertise in metal processing and injection molding and supplies the instrument as a complete, ready-to-use kit from a single source.
Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

For a complex surgical instrument, Röchling Medical Lancaster is providing full-service contract manufacturing of cleanroom molded parts, supply chain handling of subcomponents, precision assembly and packaging.

A Single Use Medical Device Designed for Sustainability

Röchling Medical applied the principles of Design-for-Sustainability (DfS) to the development of a standard plastic trocar and significantly improved the carbon footprint of the disposable medical product.
Simulation Product development medical technology

Simulations in Product Development

By performing simulations in the product development process of a housing system for an electronic medical device used for life-saving treatments, we were able to save considerable costs and time for our customer.

Röchling Medical Competences

Our Expertise, Your Benefit

Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise in plastics and metal processing, but also from our many years of experience in medical technology and pharma. As your solution partner, we are familiar with both the regulatory and practical requirements of creating components and products for the healthcare sector tailored to your needs. We meet the highest quality and hygiene standards and operate in strict compliance with relevant regulations, such as the Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

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For more information about our solutions for diagnostics and customized design options, please contact our team.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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