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Two-colored lightweight sheet can be easily equipped with lettering

New: Foamlite® bicolor

The plastics processor Röchling Industrial is expanding the portfolio of the Foamlite® product family with a two-colored sheet. The lightweight plastic sheet is now also available with a different colored core.

The bicolored plate is already in use at the customer Case-Tec

Foamlite® bicolor can easily be equipped with milled lettering or a logo. This is a great benefit for plastic sheets, which need to be provided with lettering or a warning in form of a sticker or paint. Stickers are mostly easy to remove. Due to the contrast of Foamlite® bicolor a milled logo has a very good visibility and is particularly visible over a long period of time. Even external weather conditions do not affect the milling.

Foamlite® bicolor is made from the standard material Foamlite® P. The new bicolored sheet offers the same properties as this standard material. Just like Foamlite® P the bicolored material is also 100 percent recyclable.


Product line

Foamlite® bicolor can be produced in many sizes, thicknesses, colors and with different surfaces: 

  • All common surfaces such as fine grain, cubic grain or smooth
  • Thicknesses: 6-25mm
  • Width: max 2000mm
  • Theoretically unlimited length
  • Colors: all colors are possible for the outer layers. The standard color for the core is black but can be supplied in a different color on request.

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