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Technical plastics for industrial applications

We are manufacturers of high-quality wear parts made of plastics, ceramics and rubber-graphite for various industries. In addition, we can use over 140 different materials from the entire Röchling Group. Get an overview. We are guaranteed to find the right material for your application.


Our highly wear-resistant plastics are based on the raw material PE1000 (PE-UHMW) in powder form. Depending on the requirements, various additives and stabilizers are added. In the long-term sintering process, our plastics are given their unique properties and are ready for further processing steps as finished sheet materials. The sheets can either be used as semi-finished parts or are further processed into finished parts such as profiles, CNC milled parts or turned parts. We are happy to follow individual customer requests. Typical properties of our materials are generally:

  •  UV and weather resistant - resistant to low temperatures
  • Tension-free internal structure - no splits or breaks
  • Noise-attenuating
  • High chemical resistance
  • High wear resistance
  • Extremely low-friction - low adhesion

Thermoplastics for industrial applications

Thermoplastics fo the Paper Industry




Various resin systems are combined with fibers and fiber mats to achieve the ideal characteristics for the application in question. We use GFR (glass-fiber reinforced plastic) as a carrier material for dewatering elements in ceramic. It is also used as a support for suction rolls and a guide for rubber graphite sealing strips.

Composites from the entire Röchling family




Technical ceramics – high performance materials that can be used in the applications of today and tomorrow, something that until recently still wasn't possible. We supply seven different types of ceramic for our ceramic dewatering elements. We have the right ceramic for every customer requirement – to suit their machine speed, filler content, and so on. 

Rubber-graphite is produced via extrusion and subsequent vulcanization and by mechanical machining to form various cross-sections and lengths. As this material is frequently used for sealing and sliding purposes, we use rubber graphite for suction rolls in paper machines.

Ceramics for the Paper Industry

Rubber-graphite for the Paper Industry

Can’t find a material for your application? No problem!

With the variety of materials from the entire Röchling Industrial Division, we can certainly help you!

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Plastics for technical applications