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More space for future growth

Röchling Industrial in the Czech Republic relocates to Tábor

The international plastics processor Röchling Industrial is relocating from Planá nad Lužnicí to Tábor in the Czech Republic. The move to the city located approximately 10 kilometres to the north is necessary in order to be able to meet the ambitious growth targets in the markets in terms of capacity expansion and product portfolio for thermoplastics in Central and Eastern Europe.

New premises: Röchling Industrial in the Czech Republic moves from Planá nad Lužnicí to Tábor

The international plastics processor Röchling Industrial has been the owner of the former Röchling Engineering Plastics, s.r.o. in Planá nad Lužnicí, Czech Republic, since 2003. High-quality extruded sheets and welding wires made of polyethylene (PE-HD) and polypropylene (PP) are manufactured at these premises. In the wake of the takeover of the plastics division of the Czech company SILON AG in 2003, the company was able to significantly expand its market position in Eastern and Central Europe. In addition to production and logistics, the site is also responsible for all sales activities for Röchling Industrial thermoplastics in the region.


Increased product availability at a high level of service

The company is now relocating its premises, where approximately 100 persons are employed, from Planá nad Lužnicí to Tábor. "The move to nearby Tábor will create the opportunity to significantly expand our production capacities and at the same time take our highly qualified employees along. This will enable us to provide our customers in Central and Eastern Europe with an even better availability of our broad product range at the usual excellent service," explains Franz Lübbers, CEO of Röchling Industrial. Simultaneously with the relocation, the company is also changing its name to Röchling Industrial Tábor s.r.o.

On 7,000 square metres of production space, high-quality products made of thermoplastics for industrial applications are manufactured and stored on almost 6,000 square metres of storage space for delivery at short notice.

In addition to the expanded production facilities, the company also moves into an administration building having more than 1,200 square metres. "Our new building is state-of-the-art and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We also plan to have lecture rooms and meeting rooms where we can welcome our customers and talk to them about the application of our products in their respective industries," says Jaroslav Bílek, Managing Director Marketing & Sales of the company.


High demand for well-trained professionals

The move not only has advantages for the company's customers, but also provides modern workplaces for the company's employees in administration and production. In order to achieve its ambitious growth and future plans, the company is looking for well-trained specialists. “In the commercial-technical sector in particular, we always need qualified employees to manufacture our high-quality products,” says Jiří Málek, Managing Director Commercial & Production. “I am pleased that the relocation will make us even more attractive to potential employees and due to the access to public transportation and connection to the road network,” emphasises Málek. If you are interested in working at Röchling, click on, where you can find out more about open positions and apply for jobs.


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