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Röchling PE2PRINT® (HDPE) is a durable, lightweight, cost-effective high-density polyethylene material for both indoor and outdoor printed applications.

PE2PRINT® (HDPE) is an extruded, corona-treated HDPE material that allows you to print vivid, full-color graphics on a durable surface that won’t chip, crack, peel or break.

PE2PRINT® (HDPE) characteristics

  • Printable using conventional, U.V., or 4-color process screen printing, lithography and hot-stamping
  • Weather and moisture resistant for long-life in outdoor applications
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Easily die-cut or guillotined to accommodate complex, creative designs, even with thin gauges
  • Available in matte or smooth surface finishes
  • Highly fatigue-resistant, allowing for the creation of durable “living hinges”
  • Material can be ultra-sonic welded to create printed, dimensional signage and packaging
  • Custom Pantone® color matched material can be offered

Product Range

  • Thicknesses: 0.016” to 0.25”
  • Sheet sizes: 48” standard width
  • 13 Standard colors


  • Point-of-Purchase displays, shelf liners, merchandising strips, shelf danglers and pump toppers
  • Headers for plastic bags, fabric, carpet and window covering swatches
  • Industrial safety signage, lockout tags, shields and utility markers
  • Agricultural “crop” signage
  • Hazardous identification placards for trucks
  • Signage for park trails, snowmobile clubs, security companies and electric fencing
  • Automotive dealership license plates, tags and parking permits

PE2PRINT® (HDPE) products are lightweight, durable and printable for use in point-of-purchase displays, specialty packaging and industrial safety signage.


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