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Digital Service Portal „Röchling-Port“ online

Röchling Industrial emphasises customer service introducing new digital options

"Röchling-Port” is the new digital service portal for all business partners of the international plastics processor Röchling Industrial. Röchling-Port provides business partners with access to many digital service offers for numerous brand materials of the Company. The digital portal is the next step in improving Röchling Industrial’s service for its business partners to intensify communication with its customers and to continue to consistently utilize the options digitalization offers.

Franz Lübbers, who is responsible for the Röchling Group’s Industrial division, explains: "We want to offer our customers continuously better service and create added value based on the possibilities of digital communication. The guiding principle ‘We use the possibilities that digitalisation offers’ is firmly anchored in our company mission statement. The Röchling-Port is the next step in following this path.“

Digital Service Portal: Users can use the Röchling-Port to place and track orders for semi-finished plastic products having the form of sheets, rods and tubes

Röchling Port is aimed at business partners who can access many digital services 24/7 after registration and activation. The services are now available for many of the plastics processor's brand materials, in particular high-performance plastics such as SustaPEEK, Sustarin® C, Sustamid®, and SustaPVDF. In the upcoming months, further materials will be included in the Röchling-Port. The service portal is available in three languages: German, English and French.

Available 24/7: The Röchling-Port is aimed at business partners who can access many digital services after registration and activation

Place orders and track orders

Our business partners can use the Röchling Port to order semi-finished plastic products as sheets, rods and tubes and to track orders using a simple and intuitive menu and user interface. A practical notepad can be used to reorder easily.

Obtain information on items in stock

It is also a very easy method for obtaining information on items in stock, including information on shape, dimensions, colour and production method. In overview, items can be placed in the shopping cart using one click.

Cut-to-size calculation

If individual semi-finished product dimensions are required, the cut-to-size calculation can be used to compute individual cut-to-size dimensions for sheets, rods and tubes and to request an offer. 2D and 3D illustrations in preview show the exact proportions of the cut-to-size parts.

Compare products

The platform also offers a product finder for users to compare up to four materials based on their technical properties. Easily adjustable and intuitive filtering options permit the selection of materials based on various criteria such as their technical characteristics, shape, available dimensions and areas of application.

Detailed information about the Röchling-Port, its advantages and the available materials can be found here:

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