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Röchling Industrial "Annual Report 2018"

Röchling Industrial - Annual Report 2018

Development, Highlights, Facts & Figures

Download now: The "Röchling Industrial Annual Report 2018". With background information, interviews and stories about the development of Röchling Industrial in 2018. Among other things with the following topics:

  • Interview - Development 2018: Franz Lübbers, CEO of Röchling Industrial, talks about the business year 2018, with which fundamental change in strategy the division wants to further expand its leading market position and what digitalisation means for the further development.
  • Highlights: Acquisitions, openings, anniversaries and awards at the locations worldwide.
  • Innovations: Röchling Industrial products are in use worldwide, for example in the AIDAnova, the world's first cruise ship to use low-emission LNG propulsion, and in China in the world's largest HVDC project.
  • Interview - Corporate R&D: Dr. Axel Höfter, General Manager Corporate R&D, talks about the tasks and goals of corporate R&D, what will change in the development of innovations at Röchling Industrial, the role of megatrends and why some companies will disappear from the market in the future.

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