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Polystone® G CubX® - New tank construction material with PE100 RC covering sheets

New development meets the demands of many customers

Haren, Germany | With Polystone® G CubX®, Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG of Haren, Germany, has now developed the first variant of its tank construction sheet Polystone® CubX® with cover sheets made of PE100 RC. This is Röchling's response to the request of many customers for a variant having covers made of polyethylene. Polystone® G CubX® has been developed especially for applications, in which PE has to be used as a tank material because of aggressive chemicals, or where connecting pipes, installed equipment or entire plant components have to be made of PE.

Based on the newly developed Polystone® G CubX®, Röchling is consistently pursuing its strategy of simplifying the design of rectangular tanks in as many applications as possible. In 2018, Röchling developed Polystone® CubX®, a completely new tank construction sheet specifically for the design of rectangular tanks. Its special feature is its design: Polystone® CubX® is cross ribbed twin-wall sheet with an internal cubiform cell structure. Its interior consists of a homogeneous, orthogonal grid pattern welded on the outside to two sheets, which form the surface of the sheet.

Very high stress-crack resistance: With Polystone® G CubX®, Röchling has for the first time developed a variant of its Polystone® CubX® tank construction sheet having PE100 RC cover sheets

This results in a construction sheet having a very high longitudinal and transverse rigidity. In contrast to conventional solid plastic sheets, rectangular tanks made of Polystone® CubX® require no or significantly less steel reinforcement, depending on their size. This makes for a faster construction and simpler design.

Polystone® CubX® has very high transverse and longitudinal rigidity: It completely eliminates the need for steel reinforcements in a number of cases, depending on the size of the tank; resulting in considerable time savings for tank manufacturers.

High demand

Because of the high demand, Röchling has developed Polystone® G CubX®, the first version having cover sheets made of Polystone® G (PE100 RC). In 2019, the company already developed the flame-retardant Polystone® PPs CubX® variant having cover sheets made of polypropylene homopolymer (PP-H) and the UV-resistant variant Polystone® CubX® PG-UV stabilized white – having cover sheets made of a polypropylene copolymer (PP-C). 

Polystone® G CubX® with the PE100 RC cover sheets is specifically designed for applications in which connecting pipes, equipment or entire system components are made of PE and PE is the required tank material. The material is also suitable for storage and process tanks, in which chemical media are stored or used for which the resistance of PE to chemicals makes it the only suitable construction material.

Polystone® CubX® product family: Available as the new Polystone® G CubX® (right), Polystone® P CubX® PG-UV stabilised white (second from right), the flame-retardant Polystone® PPs CubX® (top) and Polystone® P CubX® - each available in the user friendly format 2,000 x 1,500 mm and 57 mm thick

Röchling works closely with tank manufacturers to develop Polystone® CubX® further. Matthias Klein, Product Management CubX®, explains: "We had detailed discussions with many interested parties about the properties and were often asked for a polyethylene variant. We directly chose a cover made of PE100 RC. In addition to its high UV resistance, it offers higher strength and better resistance to stress cracking than a standard PE-HD. We are pleased that based on this new development we are able to offer our customers another option for further simplifying the design of their tanks".

Product range - Polystone® G CubX®

Polystone® G CubX® is available in the user-friendly format of 2,000 x 1,500 mm, 57 mm thick and black (similar to RAL 9005) as a standard option from stock.

Product range extended

Based on this development, Röchling is expanding its competence in chemical tank and plant construction even further. Röchling plastics have been used for decades in chemical tank and plant construction all over the world. Röchling offers a complete system consisting of sheets, U-profiles and tubes in addition to different welding rods and the tried and tested tank calculation program RITA®. Furthermore, Röchling has a comprehensive database and many years of experience in chemical resistance and the successful use of plastics.

More information about Polystone® CubX® here

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