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Find your apprenticeship at Röchling Industrial Oepping

Our apprentices are the experts and managers of tomorrow, which is why we attach particular importance to apprenticeship training at our location in Oepping.

Our apprenticeship training includes the core competencies of machining technology, mechanical engineering, construction and electrical engineering.

For the upcoming year we are seeking apprentices in the following professions.

Industrial clerk

Period of apprenticeship: 3 years

Professional school: Linz / blocked for 10 weeks per year

Goal of your education: As an industrial clerk, you are primarily part of the purchasing team. You support the team in day-to-day business (telephone, e-mail and correspondence). You maintain constant contact with our suppliers.
In a rotation program, you will also gain experience in other departments such as human resources, administration, controlling, finance and accounting as well as the sales and marketing.

Your tasks:

  • Controlling and documenting business processes and managing files and date
  • Request for quotation (terms of payments, delivery times, cost comparisons)
  • Order processing
  • Complaint management (handling issues like transport damage and non-compliance with delivery conditions)
  • Invoice verification and related activities in the accounting department
  • Order processing in sales, support in organizing events and tasks in the areas of administraion and personnel

Machining technician

Period of apprenticeship: 3,5 years

Professional school: Linz / blocked for 10 weeks per year

Goal of your education: As a machining technician, you are responsible for the planning,  manufacture and procession of workpieces. You will acquire expertise in metal and plastic technology, as well as testing methods for plastics and metals. Additionally, you will gain knowledge of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic controls.

Your tasks:

  • Machining of plastics, composite materials and metals (manual and mechanical)
  • CAD system-based design
  • Programming and operation of CNC machines
  • Welding of metals and plastics
  • Planning production processes


Period of apprenticeship: 4 years

Professional school: Linz / blocked for 10 weeks per year

Goal of your education: As a constructor, you produce sketches of workpieces and create drawings of components and assemblies. You choose the necessary material, calculate the material requirements and plan the necessary manufacturing steps. Your constructions serve as the foundation for programming production machines.

Your tasks:

  • Project-oriented work
  • CAD system-based design
  • Creation of assembly drawings in various perspectives
  • Calculations
  • Material selection based on requirements and documentation creation


Internship abroad

Simon Hartl did a one-month internship abroad in the United States in 2022.

In his travel blog he writes about his experiences.

At the beginning of this year Simon Thaller decided to do a 5-week internship abroad in Denmark.

In his travel blog he writes about his experiences.

Our apprentices in an interview

Orientation day

Orientation day

Not sure if this is the right apprenticeship for you?

Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment. Here you can get a more detailed insight into the company.


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