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Röchling Medical Neuhaus

Our production and development facilities  in  Neuhaus are active on growth markets around the world. We are a certified supplier of near-sterile, functional, high-quality packaging systems for applications related to pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical technology.

Experience our sister GMP-sites in Neuhaus and Brensbach

Two locations, one team – dedicated to developing and producing solutions for the pharma and diagnostic industries.

Packaging systems for applications related to pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical technology

We produce, assemble and package products under controlled Air Purity Class ISO 7 conditions. The site has four clean rooms (GMP C&D) for these purposes. In the interests of preserving human and animal health, our high-quality products offer customers exceptional pharmaceutical hygiene, reliability, and application safety. Our Neuhaus site has automatic in-process controls, batch tracking all the way to individual raw materials, and closed-loop material flows; it also offers exceptional technical customer service, project management and documentation, and a global distribution structure. 

Supported by the state of Thuringia with financial resources from the European Social Fund.

Highly efficient in-house product development processes enable us to realize tailor-made customer solutions at our Neuhaus location, to find ideal, individualized packaging solutions for each customer and each product. We also have a broad spectrum of standard packaging options, which we are continually developing and improving with the goal of being able to provide a solution for any application.


Production methods

  • Extrusion blow molding (mono- and multi-layer)
  • Injection blow molding (mono- and multi-layer)
  • Injection molding
  • Single-stage injection stretch blow molding
  • Various fully automated assembly processes under Class C-GMP clean room conditions

We also act as a single source for packaging system processing (size/content: 3 ml - 10 liters) in the form of irradiation, fumigation, e-beaming, surface finishing and assembly of special parts.

Our certifications

  • ISO 15378 – GMP
  • ISO 13485 – Medical Devices
  • ISO 50001 – Energy
  • ISO 14001 – Environment
  • ISO 8317  – Child Resistant Packaging
  • ISCC-PLUS (certified materials for circular and bio-based packaging solutions)
  • Drug Master Files (for selected products)


Röchling Medical Neuhaus has been participating in the Thuringian Sustainability Agreement (NAT) since 2014. The NAT brings politics, administration and economy together and advocates the careful use of natural resources, as well as environmental and climate protection, nature conservation and measures of the social dimension of sustainability in Thuringia.

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System solutions and components for Diagnostics, Fluid Management, Pharma and Surgery