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New perspectives with Foamlite®

Successful products are not only characterised by the intelligent implementation of the required functionalities, but also by the selection of the right materials, because the material plays a major role in determining the character of a product. Our lightweight material Foamlite® has already demonstrated significant advantages in numerous applications in which traditional materials have been used up to now, and has shown new perspectives for further application options.

Foamlite® has a wide range of applications. Especially in applications where wood-based materials were previously used, Foamlite® offers significant advantages: 

No swelling or rotting

Foamlite® does not absorb moisture and therefore cannot swell, rot or delaminate, as is often the case with wood-based materials. Therefore, the UV stabilised version of Foamlite can also be used outdoors without any problems. 

Low maintenance – high cleanliness and hygiene

Foamlite® is easy to clean using standard cleaning agents and requires very little maintenance. Compared to wood-based materials, Foamlite therefore offers many advantages in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Classic wood laminates with paintwork or coatings can scratch quickly and absorb moisture and dirt. This can lead to swelling and rotting.

No splintering or scratching

The high mechanical stability of Foamlite® withstands more forceful impacts. Foamlite® sheets are available with a smooth or double-sided grained surface with high scratch resistance. Products made from Foamlite® retain their high-quality appearance for a long time.


At a density of 0.65m/cm³, the weight of Foamlite® is in a similar range to that of many laminated wood materials. Compared to compact sheets made of PP, Foamlite® is almost 30% lighter due to its closed-pore foam core. This offers advantages in handling and weight-sensitive applications. 

Robust and light flight case made of Foamlite®

Foamlite® protects valuable cargo

Flight cases are among the areas of application in which sheets of Foamlite® excel over classic wood-based materials. Robust and light flight cases are in demand for the safe and reliable transport of expensive equipment, for instance event technology, measuring equipment or medical devices. Shocks and bumps or even moisture and dirt may not harm the transported goods. With commercially available wood materials with coating, there is a risk that external influences will damage the coating and moisture will penetrate the wood material. This then swells up sooner or later and can no longer safely protect the transported goods. The result is a replacement of the material and the resulting repair costs.

The use of Foamlite® sheets provides a remedy: Moisture cannot penetrate and damage the material. In addition, the high mechanical stability and scratch resistance of the surface ensure a long service life and service life and a long-lasting high-quality appearance.

Further typical applications:

  • Automotive design
  • Camper vans
  • Horse trailers 
  • Equipment for stables

Flexible formats – short delivery times

To offer our customers more flexibility in the manufacture of their products made of Foamlite®, we have expanded our production capacities and our stock range in the area of our Foamlite® products. This leads to better availability and shorter delivery times. In addition, standard wood formats such as 2500x1250mm or 3000x1500mm can be produced to size and without waste. 
For serial production or prototype design alike: We support you in using Foamlite® in your application.


We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on the properties and areas of application of Foamlite®.

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