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Going strong – Modern cargo bikes with loading areas made of Foamlite®

Cargo bikes are becoming more and more important. Be it for parcel delivery services, pizza service or for transporting the children to daycare centres. In large cities in particular, owing to their advantages, cargo bikes are increasingly in demand. As a viable alternative to cars, they can be used to avoid traffic jams, are environmentally friendly and contribute to the users’ health. Our lightweight construction material Foamlite® supports the development of modern lightweight cargo bikes.

A big shopping trip for the weekend or an outing with the children? Most of the time, the chosen means of transport is the car, but the increasing traffic volume, in particular in cities, makes driving more and more uncomfortable: traffic jams, congested roads, long searches for parking spaces and expensive parking tickets are becoming increasingly commonplace. This not only affects the environment negatively, but also our health.  
Cargo bikes, are a sensible alternative. Having been displaced by the car a long time ago, they are regaining in popularity as part of the growing efforts towards environmentally friendly mobility. Cargo bikes can also be used flexibly and efficiently on the so-called last mile in the steadily growing delivery traffic. 

Overview of benefits of cargo bikes: 

  • they permit predictable, reliable and, in some cases, even faster transport through urban traffic, including large storage space 
  • they usually bring you closer to your destination than a car  
  • they promote fitness and health 
  • they make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection and clean air  

Cargo bikes are available in a variety of configurations, as a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or with four wheels, and also with a motor as an e-bike. But they all have one thing in common: stability at the lowest possible weight is decisive for safety and driving comfort when selecting the construction materials. 

Foamlite® transport boxes: Its high mechanical stability combined with low weight ensures safety and comfort for cargo bikes

Foamlite® – for light, robust and durable cargo bikes

Foamlite® can be used to design and build very light, robust and visually high-quality 

  • trunks 
  • cargo areas 
  • transport boxes 
  • benches and tables for children for your cargo bikes 

In the case of a cargo bikes, trunks, cargo areas and transport boxes are usually located between the steering wheel and front wheel. They have to be very light for comfortable steering. At the same time, high mechanical stability is required for the safe transport of goods and/or people. Foamlite® offers many advantages over conventional materials.


Foamlite® lightweight construction material

Foamlite® is a closed-pore foamed material with low weight and high mechanical stability. Foamlite®: 

  • reduces the weight of cargo bicycles, supporting smooth and comfortable steering 
  • is robust & durable 
  • provides a high-quality appearance  

Compared to conventional materials used, the use of Foamlite® also eliminates the need for further processing steps. Owing to its high flexural fatigue strength, milling a simple 90-degree V-notch is sufficient to fold the material to a transport box. This eliminates the need for additional cutting work and fastening materials. In addition, lateral edges do not have to be sealed and therefore protected from the weather, as Foamlite® does not absorb moisture and does not rot. In that way, Foamlite® permits the production of robust and durable transport boxes and loading surfaces for cargo bicycles for safe and convenient transport.


We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on the properties and areas of application of Foamlite®.

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