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Plastic Products for the Heavy-Duty Truck Market
dump bed lining systems, mud flaps, 5th wheel lube disks, tarp bows, boot cleaning mats, and more!

Plastic Products for the Heavy Duty Truck Market

Roechling offers durable lining systems and tarp bows for the heavy duty truck market, improving efficiency and safety in your dump trailer fleet.


Roechling Lining Systems

Matrox®, Polystone® Extreme Wear, Polystone® Aggregate and Polystone® Medium Duty plastic lining systems from Roechling Industrial provide affordable non-stick surfaces that stand up to the most extreme lining conditions. These products deliver a self-lubricating, impact-resistant polymer with mechanical properties that make them ideal for most lining applications. The low surface friction eliminates load sticking, providing an even load release during every dump cycle and reducing wash-out times.


Roechling lining systems will help protect your fleet from dangerous tipovers by reducing dump angles by up to 40%. Expect longer service life from your brakes, hydraulics, and bed when using Roechling products.

Industry-leading 16-foot-wide Roechling liners all but eliminate cross load contamination problems associated with narrower liners.

Roechling plastic dump bed liners eliminate load sticking
Roechling Lining Systems

Polystone® Lining Systems


Best used for: High-temperature Applications

Matrox® (UHMW-PE)

Our premier liner for high temp (400° F max for 1/2" thick) and non-asphalt loads (200° F max for 1/4" and 3/8" thick material). Matrox® has all the impact strength and abrasion resistance of our other aggregate grade liners, but is designed to withstand short-term spikes in temperature as high as 350° F. Matrox® also has a proprietary silicone additive that basically eliminates sticking from the most stubborn loads.

Standard color is gray. Five year warranty, contact Roechling for warranty details.

Polystone® Extreme Wear

Best used for: High-impact Applications

Polystone® Extreme Wear (UHMW-PE)

Our premium grade liner for moderate temperature loads. Polystone® Extreme Wear is designed for extreme loads with above-normal impact and abrasion. It is ideal when hauling large stone, scrap steel/glass, and demolition.

Standard color is a bluish gray. Five year warranty, contact Roechling for warranty details.

Polystone® Aggregate

Best used for: High-abrasion Applications

Polystone® Aggregate (UHMW-PE)

Our most popular material grade, Polystone® Aggregate is slick enough for most loads, economically priced, and offers fantastic abrasion and impact resistance. It is the perfect liner for hauling common aggregage materials such as coal, crushed stone, gravel, grain, sand, and other moderate temperature abrasive loads.

Standard color is black. Three year warranty, contact Roechling for warranty details.

Polystone® Medium Duty

Best used for: Light-duty Applications

Polystone® Medium Duty (HMW)

Our economy liner is designed for applications that do not require significant toughness. Polystone® Medium Duty is a great liner for loads that are primarily sticky and not typically damaging, such as topsoil, animal waste, and mulch.

Available in black or white (natural UVI). One year warranty, contact Roechling for warranty details.

(Please note that only Matrox® is designed for high-temperature applications. A single load of hot asphalt on a Polystone® Extreme Wear, Polystone® Aggregate or Polystone® Medium Duty liner will destroy the liner and void the manufacturer’s warranty.)

SAFE PASS® Mud Flaps

Custom logo imprint and personalization available for better brand visibility!

Roechling sets the standard for poly flaps. Our mud flaps will not curl like less expensive plastic flaps, and will flex only as much as needed, always returning to hang vertically straight.



SAFE PASS® Mud Flaps Product Portfolio

SAFE PASS® Anti-Curl Smooth


Made from UV-stabilized polyethylene resin to produce a durable yet flexible flap that does not curl and maintains integrity at temperatures between -20° F and 170° F.

Available in white, black and nine other colors. Radius corners are standard, and custom imprinting is available.

SAFE PASS® Grooved

(.240" or .340")

Made from the same polymer resins as SAFE PASS® Smooth, our grooved flap is heavier and includes a ribbed, spray-reducing surface on the tire side. Also available in hybrid rubber design in thicknesses of 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".

Available in white and black. Radius corners are standard, and custom imprinting is available.

Spray Guard®

Spray Guard® is the best-constructed and most effective anti-spray flap in the transportation industry. The artificial grass surface captures road spray and channels the water downward, reducing splash and spray by up to 80%. This unique design improves visibility for both the truck's driver and trailing vehicles. It also keeps equipment cleaner and maintains integrity at temperatures between -20° F and 170° F.

Available in white and black. Radius corners are standard, and custom imprinting is available.


More than 30 years of proven spray suppression technology combined with a new aerodynamic design create a revolutionary mud flap for the heavy duty truck market. SAFE PASS® Aero features a low-spray grass backing and vents for increased aerodynamics.

Available in black only, and in multiple sizes. Radius corners are standard.

SAFE PASS® Super Single

SAFE PASS® Super Single are mud flaps designed for super single and wide-base tire configurations. They reduce unwanted drag by matching the mud flap size to the tire width. SAFE PASS® Super Single flaps are available in grass backed, grooved, smooth and hybrid rubber styles. All styles can be imprinted and personalized with your custom logo. Also available in SAFE PASS® Aero type, but personalization is not available for Aero flaps.

Accessory Products

"Ringless" Fifth Wheel Lube Disk

The new ringless design of our 5th wheel lube disk allows for an easier, more secure installation and eliminates the need for extra replacement rings. Made of curl-resistant polymer with a slip agent additive for extra lubrication, it will not sag after installation, reducing the chance of damage during hook-up. The disk features a tighter inside diameter for a more consistent installation, even on older king pins, and stays in place for a dozen or more "un-hooks" where a traditional disk might fall off after only one.


Poly Fifth Wheel Lube Disk with Steel Retaining Ring

This poly disk impregnated with a slip agent replaces the grease commonly used between the truck's 5th wheel and the trailer's king pin plate. It includes a steel retaining ring that fits standard 2.875" king pins only.

NOTE: This lube disk is intended for use on trailers with a standard 2.875" diameter king pin, which is not worn or undersized. Always ensure a successful lock between the 5th wheel and king pin prior to any trip.

Roechling Tarp Bows – the more flexible choice

Roechling Nylon tarp bows offer better flexibility and safety with a longer lifespan than steel or aluminum bows.

Traditional tarp bows made from steel or aluminum can be easily damaged during loading. Roechling tarp bows are less likely to be damaged because they flex and then spring back into original form with little to no damage.

Sym-Mat® Boot Cleaning Mats

Sym-Mat® provides a low-profile grass cleaning surface, which reduces dirt and debris inside the cab and provides a safer step surface for the driver. Comes with heavy-duty Ty-Raps for easy installation.

Black color in standard sizes 4.5"x24" and 5"x16".



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