Glastic® UTR

Glastic® UTR is one of our Glastic® laminates and offers a superior combination of electrical and mechanical properties. Made from fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polyester resins, these UL®-recognized sheets blend excellent performance characteristics with economy. The numerous property advantages of RGC laminates include:

Electrical Insulation

All electrical insulating laminates have inherently good dielectrics. The grades featured here have been engineered to maximize the specific properties required for a wide range of electrical applications.

Flame Resistance

UTR is UL-rated V-0 and is a halogen free system that generates very low smoke and smoke toxicity in a fire situation.

Mechanical Strength

High impact fiberglass-reinforced polyester laminates won’t shatter. Rigid laminates provide structural support as they insulate. Flexible laminates are available for applications that require a minimum bend radius of 19mm diameter.

Heat Resistance

Glastic® laminates offer excellent property retention and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. These laminates have UL temperature index ratings from 120 – 210°C electrical, and from 130 –210°C mechanical.

Ease of Fabrication

These materials are easily fabricated with standard metal working equipment. They can be punched, drilled, machined, sheared and sanded. Grade UTR is well known for its ease of fabrication in high-speed machining centers.

Cost Effectiveness

In addition to significant property benefits, Glastic® laminates offer cost effectiveness over most high-pressure laminates. They outperform the phenolic grades and can often replace the more exotic epoxies and silicones at a considerable cost savings.


  • white/red

Standard sizes

  • 1828x914 mm
  • 2445x1255 mm


  • 0,8 - 50mm
  • 2 - 50mm

Thermal endurance (IEC 216)



Technical Values Test method Unit UTR
Fibre reinforcement - - mat
Specific gravity - g/cm3 1,81
Standard colour - - white/red
Previous quality - - 1491
DIN 7735 type - - -
EN 60893/IEC 893 type - - UPGM203
Nema-LI.1 designation - - GPO-3
NFC 26153/26151 Standard ASTM D 792 g/cm3 -
Bending strength (perpendicular) ASTM D 790 MPa 152
Modulus of elasticity (perpendicular) - - -
Compressive Strength (perpendicular) ASTM D 695 MPa 228
Impact strength (parallel) - - -
Tensile strength (parallel) ASTM D 638 MPa 54
Electric strength at 90°C (perpendicular) ASTM D 149
kV/mm 18 / 23
Breakdown voltage at 90°C (parallel) ASTM D 149 kV/25mm 47
Comparative tracking index UL 746A (V) 500
Tracking and erosion resistance - - -
Thermal conductivity ASTM C 177 W/mK 0,27
Thermal endurance UL 746 B T.I. 130/160
Insulating class - - -
Flammability IEC 60707 - FVO/>2,4mm
Coefficient of linear expansion (parallel) ASTM D 696 10-6K-1 20

Remarks: Property variation possible in the area of 50mm, average - not guaranteed technical values. Tol. accord with EN 60893-3-5. The data mentioned are average values. We cannot accept any responsibility for their accuracy.

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