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Sustason® PSU MG natural


Our specialist for pharmaceutical industry

Sustason® PSU MG was developed for the high requirements of the healthcare sector for transparent applications such as laboratory equipment, sight glasses or media-carrying components. Compared to PC, the plastic has a 42°C higher glass transition temperature and therefore in the temperature range from 130°C to 160°C a significantly higher strength. It is less sensitivity to stress cracking than PC, too. Furthermore, the amber-coloured transparency is better than that of other amorphous high-performance plastics (PEI, PPSU).



  • Very good sterilisation resistance
  • High rigidity at good dimensional stability
  • High continuous service temperature
  • ISO 10993-5 tested on semi-finished product
  • Good resistance against high energy radiation
  • Good machinability


We are a system supplier and partner from the idea to the OEM's end product - as a cooperative value contribution. We are able to support the healthcare industry at the highest level.

Armin Reuner - Industry Manager Healthcare - Mail:

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792987Sustason® PSU MG natural extruded rod rod naturalØ 50 x 3000 mm 3,000 mm 50 mm

Technical Specifications Sustason® PSU MG natural

Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
DensityDIN EN ISO 1183-1g / cm31,28
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Yield stressDIN EN ISO 527MPa85
Elongation at breakDIN EN ISO 527%7
Tensile modulus of elasticityDIN EN ISO 527MPa2650
Tensile strengthDIN EN ISO 527MPa85
Notched impact strengthISO 179-1/1eAkJ / m22
Shore hardnessDIN EN ISO 868scale D83
Ball indentation hardness (H358/30)DIN EN ISO 2039-1MPa160
Elastic modulus of compressionDIN EN ISO 604MPa2250
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Glass transition temperatureISO 11357-3°C185


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