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Application Examples

Durostone® fasteners - Construction sector

Durostone® fasteners have a very low thermal conductivity compared with steel, which means they can be used to prevent cold bridges in the construction sector, such as when mounting façades. All Durostone® grades have a thermal conductivity of 0.3 W/mK, putting them on a par with mineral wool, which is used as an insulating material in construction.

Durostone® fasteners in the offshore sector

In offshore environments, oxidation of fasteners can rapidly happen, unless costly titanium or super duplex grades are used. An alternative to these are our Durostone® fasteners, which are not affected by oxidative degradation like steel. Durostone® fasteners offer high strength and are naturally corrosion resistant, as well as highly weather and chemical resistant, but also only weight approximately 75% less than an equivalent sized steel fastener.

Durostone® fasteners in the field of hydraulic engineering and port construction

Durostone® fasteners are particularly resistant to corrosive salt water and are very UV and weather-resistant. They are used in hydraulic engineering and harbour construction applications such as sea water desalination plants.

Durostone® fasteners - high-voltage direct current transmission systems

Durostone® fasteners are electrically insulating and anti-magnetic. Some qualities are also part-discharge-free up to high electrical field strengths, particularity creep-resilient and flame-retardant. This will support the longevity of high-voltage direct current transmission systems.

Durostone® fasteners - galvanic operations

Durostone® fasteners - Our Durostone® fasteners are particularly resilient against aggressive media and gases, and therefore particularly suitable for use in galvanic operations.

Durostone® fasteners - Nacelle construction

With their high corrosion resistance and electrical properties, our Durostone® fastener offer a long service life, while their low density (between 1.9 and 2 g/cm³) makes it possible to save weight when building your nacelles.


Stock item (no MOQ)
100259Durostone® EPR S5 pressed threaded rod threaded rod M 10 x 1.900 mm 1,900 mm 10 mm
Stock item (no MOQ)
100260Durostone® EPR S5 pressed threaded rod threaded rod M 12 x 1.900 mm 1,900 mm 12 mm
Stock item (no MOQ)
100261Durostone® EPR S5 pressed threaded rod threaded rod M 16 x 1.900 mm 1,900 mm 16 mm
Stock item (no MOQ)
100262Durostone® EPR S5 pressed threaded rod threaded rod M 20 x 1.900 mm 1,900 mm 20 mm
Stock item (no MOQ)
101506Durostone® EPR S5 pressed threaded rod threaded rod M 6 x 1.900 mm 1,900 mm 6 mm
Stock item (no MOQ)
101507Durostone® EPR S5 pressed threaded rod threaded rod M 8 x 1.900 mm 1,900 mm 8 mm
Stock item (no MOQ)
101508Durostone® EPR S5 pressed threaded rod threaded rod M 30 x 1.900 mm 1,900 mm 30 mm
No stock item (MOQ)
272470Durostone® EPR S5 pressed threaded rod threaded rod M 24 x 1.900 mm 1,900 mm 24 mm

Technical Specifications Durostone® EPR S5

Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
DensityISO 1183g / cm31,9
Flexural strength ISO 178MPa500
Modulus of elasticity in flexion ISO 178MPa20000
Compressive strength ISO 604MPa300
Tensile strength IIISO 527MPa400
Impact strength II (Charpy)ISO 179kJ / m2100
Delamination force IIDIN 53463N4000
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Thermal conductivity W / (m * K)0,3
Coefficient of linear expansion IITMA (Mettler)10-6 x K-110 - 20
Temperature indexIEC 60216T.I.180
Insulation classIEC 60085/H
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Electric strength 90°C under oil IEC 60243kV / mm13
Relative permittivity (50 Hz)IEC 60250εr 5
Specific surface resistanceIEC 600931013
Specific volume resistanceIEC 60093Ω x cm1014
Comparative tracking indexIEC 60112CTI225


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