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Our high-performance plastics are used in demanding applications such as vehicle construction, food industry, oil & gas, healthcare, and electronics. If you don’t see your industry mentioned here, share your requirements with us! Based on our years of experience, we’ll collaborate with you to develop the right product for your specific application.

Frac balls

During hydraulic fracking, fac balls are subjected to high pressures to ensure the release of hydrocarbon reserves. For these applications, SustaPEEK® offers the optimum combination of chemical resistance to fracking fluids, excellent mechanical properties and high thermal stability.

Cable clamps made of Sustamid® 6 FR

Our Sustamid® 6 FR material meets the relevant requirements of the rail vehicle standard DIN EN 45545-2:2013 and, as a semi-finished extruded product, enables you to manufacture large-scale machined components in small quantities – for example, cable clamps for rail vehicles.

Blades in the packaging plant

Blades made from Röchling's Sustarin® C FG are used to stabilize slices of bread in the industrial production of sliced bread, thereby helping to speed up and simplify the process.

Breast biopsy unit

The breast biopsy unit is precision machined to meet tight tolerances according to the customer's drawings. It offers excellent cleaning and sterilisation procedures as well as biocompatibility in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and is supplied as an assembly group made of SustaPEEK MG material.

Housing for fueling system

Machined in tight tolerances housing for fuel systems made of SustaPEEK® are resistant to fuels and suitable for a broad range of continuous use temperatures.

Subsea support structures

With our expertise and wide range of materials, we are able to offer the optimum material for metal replacement projects. This has included the replacement of metallic flanges/adaptor rings with thermoplastic alternatives, for which SustaPEEK® has been selected. The combination of excellent load bearing properties, chemical resistance and dimensional stability resulted in the material selection. This was in addition to thermoplastics and composites natural corrosion resistance.

Handle of an ultrasonic probe

Handle of an ultrasonic probe machined from SustaPEEK MG.

Handle for surgical instruments

Our challenge was to find a material that can be sterilised, offers a high-quality feel and surface quality, and at the same time can be manufactured with tight tolerances. SustaPEEK MG was chosen due to its outstanding properties. It offers good stability during production, which is crucial for manufacturing complex components and maintaining tight tolerances. It is also heat dissipative and has good thermal properties and excellent chemical resistance.

Covers made of Sustavacu® 6 GF

With its high mechanical strength and rigidity our deep-drawable, glass fiber reinforced material Sustavacu® 6 GF is used for example as tubs, hoods, cladding and covers in mechanical and plant engineering.

Moulding drum for bread rolls

Röchling materials contribute to the efficiency of processes in the industrial production of bread rolls: made of Sustarin® C, the chamber drum rotates in the opposite direction of the moulding drum, thereby forming the dough pieces.

Subsea connectors

As subsea equipment becomes more complicated, it is imperative that connectors both electrical & communication are machined and produced using material of the highest quality. SustaPEEK®, SustaPEI® and Sustarin® C are the optimum solution with good electrical resistance, low moisture absorption, dimensional stability and impact resistance for Dry-Mate and Wet-Met systems.


Thanks to their outstanding abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength and toughness, Sustamid® 6G rollers machined to close tolerances wear less than steel, require little maintenance and so offer a very long service life.

Gear wheels for rotor blade adjustment

Gear wheels machined of Sustamid® 6 nature for rotor blade adjustment are wear-resistant, offer a high mechanical resilience and are resistant against lubricants. They permit simple reinforcement of the rotor blades for efficient conversion of wind power into energy.

Subsea (Christmas) tree end caps

During drilling the delicate wellhead is covered by a removal cap prior to installation/after removal of the subsea tree. As these are installed by ROV, weight is of a key concern. With thermoplastics like Sustarin® C, SustaPVDF® and SustaPEEK® offering significant weight reduction over traditional metallic components. Further benefits include the natural corrosion resistance of the material, as well as the thermal insulation properties and chemical resistance to the anti-fouling fluid.

Thrust washer for electric cars

Thrust washers made of EtroX® I CM increase the efficiency of motors in electric cars due to their high mechanical strength. Compared with conventionally used steel, our material has a lower density and therefore lower rotational capability. It also withstands high temperatures and does not react with powertrain fluids. Due to its high strength, low wear and outstanding properties, electric motors can be operated efficiently.

Test socket for final chip testing

Electronic components (e.g. chips) undergo a test after manufacture. For this purpose, they are inserted into test sockets made of polyimide, which must have high dimensional stability and durability. Our EtroX® I CM material meets these requirements and offers the additional advantage of a long service life and usability as well as high stability and wear resistance. This rules out contamination of the components through abrasion of the test socket.

Gripper for glass bottles

In the production of glass bottles, grippers are used to guide the bottles through the process. Compared to conventionally used materials (graphite or brass), grippers made of EtroX® I CM increase the service life of the component. Due to the high resistance to high temperatures and the good stability of polyimides, maintenance time can be reduces, resulting in less production downtime and more efficiency.


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