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Wet Bench and Cleanroom
Materials and solutions for Wet Bench and Cleanroom

Solutions for Wet Bench and Cleanroom

Wet bench encompasses a large number of devices/applications where chemicals like acid/bases and solvents may be used. An example of a wet bench are chemical dip tanks for wafer etching. Front end of the line (FEOL) and back end of the line (BEOL) processes are typically where wet process tools are used. The typical applications here are etch, clean and strip. Wet bench devices must also be designed with cleanroom requirements in mind. For more details go to: Factory equipment,cleanroom and ESD.

Material properties

Typical plastic materials used are

  • PEEK (FM4910 resin used)
    excellent chemical resistance and low outgassing for components like screws and fasteners
  • PET
    good chemical resistance, strength, stiffness and toughness
  • PTFE
    virtually non-reactive with all chemicals
  • ECTFE (FM4910 resin used)
    typically used where there is exposure to harsh chemicals
  • PVDF FM4910
    typically used where very harsh chemicals are used
  • PP, PPs
    good chemical and acid resistance, UL94-V2, Bright White and Double Annealed
  • PVC FM4910
    fire safe material meet factory mutual standards, typically used for cladding

Röchling materials for Wet Bench

Plastics for safe and high-grade Cleanrooms

Every clean room is different. Manufacturers must consider many factors, from the class of cleanroom through the range of uses to specific customer requirements. Structural elements such as walls, ceilings and air showers, ventilation and light fittings and the furnishings all need to be planned in detail. The right materials play an important role here.

Arrange technical advice

The performance and service life of plastics for use in the semiconductor industry are influenced by a variety of factors. These criteria need to be considered in order to make the right choice in materials. Examples:

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page.


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