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LubX® C white

PE — PE-UHMW - PE 1000

With LubX® C we offer a high performance material especially aligned to POM and steel, which has outstanding dry-running properties at its disposal. They have been especially developed for applications in materials-handling and automation technologies.

  • Compared with conventional sliding materials, conveying systems equipped with LubX® C need considerably less energy.
  • The considerably lower coefficient of friction of LubX® C eliminates the possibility of the slip-stick effect (backsliding) almost completely and thus increases process stability.
white, similar RAL 9010


  • Energy-saving
  • Especially aligned to POM and Steel
  • Noise-reducing
  • Coefficient of friction with POM as sliding partner up to 75% less than of PE-UHMW
  • Coefficient of friction with steel as sliding partner up to 60% less than of PE-UHMW
  • Food compliant according to 10/2011/EU, 1935/2004/EC, FDA

Application Examples

Slide rails for spiral frosters

Profiles made of our material LubX® are used in the construction of spiral frosters for frozen pizzas. With its outstanding slide properties, the material helps to reduce the conveying power required and hence the energy used. LubX® meets the requirements of Regulation 10/2011/EU and the FDA and so is suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs. Depending on the application we recommend LubX® CV, LubX® C, LubX® S or LubX® Ast black.

Slide elements for beverage bottling plants

Our LubX® product range offers heavy-duty sliding materials specifically developed for conveyor technology. Thanks to its outstanding slide properties, conveyor systems equipped with LubX®, such as those in beverage bottling plants, need less energy, slip-stick effects are avoided and the stability of the conveyor processes is improved. Depending on the application we recommend LubX® CV, LubX® C, LubX® S or LubX® Ast black.


No stock item (MOQ)
468563LubX® C white extruded Clamp profile Clamp profile (R795) white, similar RAL 90103000 (-0/+50) x 15,6 x 15,4 mm 3,000 mm 15.6 mm 15.4 mm
No stock item (MOQ)
468565LubX® C white extruded Clamp profile Clamp profile (R795) white, similar RAL 90104000 (-0/+50) x 15,6 x 15,4 mm 4,000 mm 15.6 mm 15.4 mm

Technical Specifications LubX® C white

Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
DensityDIN EN ISO 1183-1g / cm30,93
Water absorptionDIN EN ISO 62%<0,01
Flammability (Thickness 3 mm / 6 mm)UL 94HB
Moulding Compound PEDIN ISO 1872-1UHMW-PE-QCD 35-3-4
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Sliding properties: partner POM (0,25 m/s - 0,25 MPa)REP - Tribology - Test0,08
Sliding properties: partner POM (0,25 m/s - 0,25MPa)REP - Tribology - Test0,11
Yield stressDIN EN ISO 527MPa19
Elongation at breakDIN EN ISO 527%>50
Tensile modulus of elasticityDIN EN ISO 527MPa500
Notched impact strengthDIN EN ISO 179kJ / m2no break
Shore hardnessDIN EN ISO 868scale D60
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Melting temperatureISO 11357-3°C133 – 135
Coefficient of linear thermal expansionDIN 5375210-6 / K150 - 230 (*)
Service temperature, long termAverage°C-150 … 80 (*)
Service temperature, short term (max.)Average°C130 (*)
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Volume resistivityDIN EN 62631-3-1Ω * cm>1015
Surface resistivityDIN EN 62631-3-2>1014


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