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Family day with more than 600 guests

Röchling Industrial Laupheim opens doors for employees' relatives

The move of Röchling Industrial Laupheim GmbH to Burgrieden has been completed since the beginning of the year. Now relatives of employees were given an insight into the company. More than 600 guests came to the family day to find out about the new building and the activities of the leading plastics processor.

New top-class building: Röchling Industrial Laupheim in Burgrieden (Photo: Foto Laupheim)

Family day creates enthusiasm
In perfect weather, Röchling Industrial Laupheim GmbH opened its doors on Family day to more than 600 relatives of its approximately 170 employees. The guests were given an exclusive tour of the modern new building with more than 9,000 square metres of production space and 1,000 square metres of administrative space in the "Am Flugplatz" industrial estate in Burgrieden. "The visitors were absolutely thrilled by the size and modernity of our company. In particular, the future-oriented technologies and manufacturing possibilities in the field of 3D printing were impressive for many guests," reports Rudolf Karremann, Technical Managing Director of Röchling Industrial Laupheim. Enthusiasm also triggered the presentation of the sophisticated products and their complex applications.

Complex precision parts made from high-performance plastics
The company is part of the leading international plastics processor Röchling Industrial and specialises in the machining of high-performance plastics, particularly for the healthcare, sensor and control, and water technology industries.

In 2017, the Röchling Group acquired the Laupheim-based company Fischer Kunststoff Präzision GmbH, which was particularly known for its unique machining expertise for high-precision, complex components. Röchling continuously invested in the expansion of the markets and the capacities of the location. "With our rapid growth and the high demand, we reached our capacity limits at the previous location," explains Michael Haller, Commercial Managing Director. That is why the groundbreaking ceremony for the 14 million euro project in Burgrieden took place as early as 2021.

Pioneering technologies

The company moved into the modern new building at the end of 2022. The special focus at the new location is on the machining of high-quality components for the healthcare industry. In particular, the construction of a clean room in accordance with ISO Class 8 ideally expands Röchling's unique competencies. In addition, since the beginning of the year customers have benefited from the integration of additive manufacturing (3D printing) at the Burgrieden site. "With future-oriented technologies and comprehensive know-how in this area, we offer our customers at the site completely new possibilities. As a system supplier, we deliver everything from a single source and are partner for our customers from the development process, additive manufacturing processes, mechanical post-processing to the finished product," says Karremann.

Modern new building with a focus on sustainability

When planning the new building, the latest findings regarding digitalisation, smart factory and smart office were taken into account in order to improve the company's own production processes. The company also attaches great importance to sustainability. Thus, a heat recovery system for heating and cooling was installed, a photovoltaic system was installed and several charging points for e-cars were planned.

"We are pleased that so many relatives of our staff took the opportunity to come and see our company. With our new building and the modern facilities and technologies, we are setting new standards here in Burgrieden," said Karremann. The day was framed by musical accompaniment and a colourful programme for the children.


More information on the new building in Burgrieden.

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Enthusiasm at the family day: Relatives of Röchling Industrial Laupheim employees gain insights into the modern technologies and complex products of the leading plastics processor (Photo: Foto Laupheim)
Family day in perfect weather: The family day was framed by a colourful supporting programme for young and old (Photo: Foto Laupheim)

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