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Multiparticulate Drug Delivery Device

Sympfiny® is an innovative drug delivery device specifically designed for dosing and orally dispensing multiparticulate dosage forms.

Applications & Areas of Use

Multiparticulate dosage forms: advantages in pediatric drug delivery

Commonly, drugs for pediatric patients are administered orally as liquids, rapid dissolve tablets or chewable tablets.

The problem:

  • poor tasting drugs are a major cause of incomplete dosing in children
  • taste masking bitter drugs often relies on the use of sugar and flavorings
  • there can be dosing inaccuracies with liquid medication for small dosing volumes

Multiparticulate drugs for direct oral delivery consist of tiny granules or spheres providing many advantages that address the challenges in pediatric drug delivery:

  • high dosing flexibility
  • administration with or without liquid
  • easier to swallow than tablets or capsules
  • tasteless formulations

Challenges in the administration of multiparticulate drugs

Multiparticulates have properties of both liquid and solid substances. They flow more easily than water and can pour out of small openings. Compressed, as solid particles they “lock” together. Multiparticulates can stick together if they become damp or statically charged.

Solutions for liquid dosing are therefore not adequate for multiparticulate drug delivery. Other existing delivery methods are limited to single dose or require complicated preparation steps.


Sympfiny® Drug Delivery System for multiparticulate dosing and administration

Product Features

Sympfiny®: precise multiparticulate dosage and delivery

The SympfinyⓇ system is a first of a kind innovation specialised in the delivery of multiparticulates. The system of oral syringe and container allows controlled and precise dosage and ensures that an untrained caregiver can dispense the medication directly and accurately into the patient’s mouth.

The SympfinyⓇ oral syringe, available in 1 ml and 2 ml, has an innovative dose setting capability for dosing with multiparticulates. A sliding dosing clip fixed to the syringe locks into place at the required dose amount.


  • specially designed for use with multiparticulate formulations
  • same, familiar technique used with liquid oral drugs
  • controlled and precise dosage
  • fits standard bottle sizes
  • customizable
Sympfiny® drug delivery system for multiparticulate medication

Syringe Specifications

  Sympfiny 1 ml Sympfiny 2 ml
Dose Size 0.05-1.0 g 0.08-2.3 g
Plunger Rod Setting 0.06 g 0.12 g
Barrel Marking 0.03 g 0.06 g


Sympfiny® Oral Syringe: Customization

Sympfiny® can be customized for a wide variety of drugs and applications

  • Syringe size (dosing volumes)
  • Container size and form
  • Childproof features incorporated into the cap design
  • Material colors for custom branding
  • Labeling areas
  • can also be used for dry powder and other microsphere drug formulations
Sympfiny® was developed in collaboration with HS Design

Sympfiny® has been developed in collaboration with HS Design.

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Contact for regulatory questions, complaints or reporting of an adverse event: MD-notification(at)

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