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Plastics for efficient and low-maintenance wind turbines

Wind turbines only earn money in operation. Therefore, the operators would like to improve the effectiveness of their wind turbines and reduce their downtimes. Every constructor therefore faces the challenge: How can a wind turbine be high-performance, reliable and operationally safe even at high stress? We support these targets with our composites and thermoplastics: Depending on material, they are very light-weight, while being highly resilient and with very good sliding properties. No matter if onshore or offshore: You can use them to develop high-performance and low-maintenance wind turbines. Our plastics are used by many manufacturers around the world like Siemens, Gamesa, Enercon and Suzlon.

We offer:

Application examples

Durostone® fasteners in the offshore sector

In offshore environments, oxidation of fasteners can rapidly happen, unless costly titanium or super duplex grades are used. An alternative to these are our Durostone® fasteners, which are not affected by oxidative degradation like steel. Durostone® fasteners offer high strength and are naturally corrosion resistant, as well as highly weather and chemical resistant, but also only weight approximately 75% less than an equivalent sized steel fastener.

Labyrinth seals

Labyrinth seals of Sustamid® 6G for the rotor bearing are resilient against lubricants, provide high dimensions stability and thus permit reliable minimisation of the lubrication loss in the long term.

Sliding sheets in the Azimuth system

Sliding sheets in the Azimuth system - In the Azimuth system, sliding sheets made of Sustarin® C GLD 350 permit quick and precise alignment of the nacelle in the wind direction. Thanks to the self-lubricating properties, the nacelle moves quickly, evenly and with little energy expenditure. The slip-stick effect, a jerking and sliding, which may cause enormous noise development is prevented.

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