Vitrite® HTS

Vitrite® HTS is a cross-linked polyethylene with a continuous operating temperature of 200 °C unique in the market. Operating temperatures of up to 300 °C are possible for short durations. Vitrite® HTS is the only thermoplastic for neutron shielding usable at this temperature level. PE-UHMW and PE-HMW normally melt at this temperature range. With a hydrogen content of 12 - 13 % Vitrite® HTS offers one of the highest hydrogen contents of all solid materials available on the market for this temperature level. Furthermore, it is characterised by its high resistance to high-energy radiation, high dimensional stability and extremely high impact resistance.

The material is available with an individual boron additivation as Vitrite® HTS B. Further properties can be added on request.

  • self-extinguishing
  • antistatic (ESD)

Special properties

  • Extremely high heat resistance
  • High resistance against high-energy radiation
  • Low weight

Typical areas of application

  • Nuclear industry
  • Neutron shilding in nuclear power plants
  • Transportation and storaging devices