Plastics for working & recreational boats

Especially for the construction of working boats and recreational boats we offer a wide range of thermoplastics. Depending on the material they resist corrosive salt water, are UV and weather-resistant, of high quality visually and are easy to process. They support you with the construction of, for example, long-lived fishing boats, robust rescue boats, safe ferries and optically high-quality yachts.

Your advantages

  • Long service life: High resilience against salt water, corrosion, UV radiation and weather
  • Resilient against operating equipment, oil, fuels and anti-fouling media
  • High mechanical stability
  • Fuel-efficient: Low density as compared to conventional materials such as steel
  • High-quantity surface

Typical areas of application

  • Recreational boats
  • Working boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Rescue boats
  • Ferries
  • Yachts

Product examples

Working boats of Polystone® G

Working boats constructed of Polystone® G black HD (PE-HD), such as fishing, police and rescue boats, are particularly long-lived and resilient. At a density of 0.96 g/cm³, the material is about eight times lighter than steel. The low weight supports manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency. At the same time, the material is resilient against salt water, oil and fuels and does not corrode. A protective coat of paint is not necessary. Outstanding UV resilience permits permanent use outdoors. More about Polystone® G black HD UV stabilized

Hull and decks for recreational boats

Hulls and decks for recreational boats made of ABS in vacuum forming are characterized by a high impact strength also under cold and a high weather-resistance. Therefore they are long-lasting and can be used in areas with low temperatures permanently.

Ship equipment made of Polystone® Marine-Tec

Polystone® Marine-Tec is a material specifically developed for ship equipment. It connects particularly high salt-water resilience with simple machining capacity and is characterised by a visually high-quality and easy-care surface. Thus, it permits easy production of equipment elements such as separations, control stands, platforms and storage spaces. More about Polystone® Marine-Tec

Arrange technical advice

The performance and reliability of materials for ships and boats are influenced by a variety of factors. These criteria need to be considered in order to make the right choice. Examples:

  • Contact with fuels, oil, UV-radiation, salt-water, operation and anti-fouling media
  • Mechanical influences
  • Thermal influences
  • Constructional requirements
  • Dimensions and tolerances

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.

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