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Foamlite® – Lightweight plastic sheets for greater benefits

We have developed the closed-pore foamed material Foamlite® especially for applications in which construction materials need to have a very low weight and have a high level of mechanical stability. This opens up a wide range of possibilities in lightweight design.

Foamlite® lightweight boards are nearly 30 per cent lighter than comparable compact sheets. Depending on the application, the lightweight plastic sheet saves on materials, conserves resources and is easy to handle. This gives you

  • completely new possibilities in the design of your application and in dimensioning
  • as well as economic advantages.
    sheetlightweight board - plastic sheets
    30 per cent lighter: The closed-pore foamed structure makes Foamlite® P a lightweight plastic
    lightweight board
    Foamlite® P sheets are nearly 30 per cent lighter than comparable compact sheets

    Foamlite® - Properties


    As a closed-pore foamed material, Foamlite® has a low density of just 0.65 g/cm³. Foamlite® is almost 30 percent lighter than comparable compact sheets. With their low weight, lightweight construction elements made of Foamlite® make a contribution towards weight reduction and an easy handling.

    Good insulation propertiese

    Air pockets in the foam core offer good thermal insulation and soundproofing.


    Foamlite® has high mechanical stability, scratch and shock resistance and therefore has a very long service life.

    High resistance to UV radiation, weather and moisture

    Foamlite® include high UV and weather resistance and are also very resistant to moisture, which makes it suitable for long-term outdoor use.

    High-quality surface

    Foamlite® is available with a smooth or double-sided grained surface with high scratch resistance. Wall liner, door cladding and partitions made of Foamlite® have a long-lasting high-quality appearance.

    Easy to work with

    Foamlite® sheets can be worked on using conventional tools for wood and metal. The material is also easy to screw and rivet. We have extensive experience in the reliable mounting of our boards using various fastening elements. Contact us. Foamlite® is also very easy to weld.

    Low-maintenance – easy to clean

    Foamlite® sheets make a contribution towards a high standard of hygiene and therefore to animal health: Foamlite® is easy to clean with commercially available cleaning agents. The closed-pore foam core does not allow any material to penetrate the pores. Compared to conventional materials used in the market, Foamlite® offers many advantages when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Commercially available coated plywood sheets and textured, coated board can quickly become scratched and absorb moisture and dirt. This can lead to swelling and rotting.

    Easy to clean

    The surface of Foamlite® can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner, steam jet or just a water hose and is resistant to the usual cleaning agents, vermin and disinfectants. Joints can be completely closed by welding.

    Foamlite® can be produced in almost any colour

    Technical data – Foamlite®


    Testing method 




    DIN EN ISO 1183-1 



    Moisture absorption 

    DIN EN ISO 62 



    DIN EN ISO 527 



    Shore hardness 

    DIN EN ISO 868 

    Scale D 


    Foamlite® P

    Foamlite® P is a PP-C-based lightweight construction material. With a density of 0.65 g/cm³, Foamlite® P offers clear weight advantages over a sheet made of compact polypropylene at 0.915 g/cm³. The material also has an excellent combination of toughness, high rigidity, strength and chemical resistance. The surface is optionally available with a smooth finish or with a fine grain.

    Integrated hinge: Foamlite® P has an "integrated" hinge. It is sufficient to mill a simple 90-degree V-notch into it. The high bending fatigue strength of the material means that the hinge can be folded more than 40,000 times without breaking.
    Sealable cutting edges: The open-pored cutting edges of Foamlite® P can be sealed on request in order to cater for specific requirements in terms of appearance and hygiene.

    Step safety

    Foamlite® P „cubic grain“

    Foamlite® P is available in a slip-resistant design with the special "cubic grain" surface structure. The three-dimensional, cube-shaped grain ensures a mechanical frictional connection between floor and shoe. The slip-resistant property of Foamlite® "cubic grain" is tested according to the following guidelines:

    • DIN 51097: Testing of floor coverings; determination of the anti-slip properties; wet loaded barefoot areas
    • DIN 51130: Testing of floor coverings; determination of the anti-slip properties; work rooms and work areas with slip risk

    Contact with food

    Foamlite® P FG blue

    Foamlite® P FG blue is a special material for the food industry. It meets the requirements of EU Regulation 10/2011 – Plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food – as well as the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its UV resistance makes Foamlite® P FG blue suitable for use in industrial food areas with UV-based hygiene systems. The material is available in blue (RAL 5010). Further colours on request.

    Protection against electrostatic risks

    Foamlite® P 702 ESD

    We have developed Foamlite® P 702 ESD especially for areas where there is a need for controlled conductance of electrostatic charge and low weight at the same time. High voltage pulses can arise with uncontrolled electrostatic discharge and destroy sensitive equipment, components and workpieces. With Foamlite® P 702 ESD , these components are protected by controlled conductance of the electrostatic charge.

    Foamlite® G

    Foamlite® G is a PE-HD-based lightweight plastic sheet. With a density of 0.75 g/cm³, Foamlite® G has a weight advantage of more than 20 per cent compared with compact polyethylene at 0.95 g/cm³. The material boasts a superior surface quality, is optionally available with a smooth or grained finish and is very easy to process. At the same time, Foamlite® G can be welded with polyethylene (PE) very easily.

    Production range

    Foamlite® P can be produced in many sizes, thicknesses and colours and with different properties. We are happy to make a product tailored to your individual requirements.


    • Sheet thicknesses: 6 – 30 mm
    • Widths: up to 2,000 mm
    • Length: theoretically unlimited


    Foamlite® P can be produced in virtually any shade on request.

    Many product variants, dimensions and colours are available straight from stock!


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