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Strong material for the maximum on eight axles

Lamigamid® rope sheaves and sliding elements for new Liebherr crane

At home on large construction sites, effortlessly lifting heavy loads or even bridge sections weighing several tons. The manufacturer calls it "the maximum on eight axles". The new LTM 1650-8.1 heavy-duty crane from Liebherr lifts a load of 700 tons without any problems. For this process to run smoothly and safely, the crane manufacturer relies on rope sheaves made of Lamigamid® 310 and sliding elements made of Lamigamid® 319 from Röchling Industrial Xanten.

When the mobile heavy-duty crane makes its way to a construction site, it is an impressive spectacle. The 8-axle crane, which is more than 20 meters long, causes a stir on every road. Once it arrives at the construction site, however, the large crane really shows what it can do. The modern 8-axle mobile crane is designed for flexibility and fast operational readiness. Equipped with a telescopic boom that can be extended to a maximum length of 80 meters, the crane brings loads weighing several tons to the right place. For the necessary stability, four outriggers and a counterweight can be extended, both ensure that the heavy-duty crane is flexible even in small spaces.  

The new LTM 1650-8.1 heavy-duty crane: equipped with rope sheaves made of Lamigamid® 310 at the front of the telescopic boom and sliding elements made of Lamigamid® 319 inside the boom, Photo: Liebherr

Smooth and safe lifting operations


With simple and fast set-up process via a Y-guying on the boom using a single-rope system, the rope runs safely over rope sheaves made of Lamigamid® 310. With a Y- guying, lateral stability is increased for long boom systems. And the material also takes on a load-bearing role at the head of the boom. To lift loads, the rope sheaves ensure smooth and safe lifting operations. Up to 700 tons of weight act on the material. Lamigamid® 310 is especially suitable for this challenging application due to its properties. Wear-resistant and with good sliding properties, the rope sheaves and sliding elements reduce stress on steel ropes and wear parts, which therefore have a long service life. In contrast to steel rope sheaves, the lighter sheaves made of Lamigamid® 310 are easier to install due to their weight. Additional protective painting work is also unnecessary, as the material is corrosion-resistant.


Leading material in the market for decades


Also used in the boom are the sliding elements made of Lamigamid® 319, which enable the telescopic extension of the boom segment. The oil-filled material has dry-running properties and excellent wear resistance, preventing abrupt movements of the crane so that it can be moved into position as safely and accurately as possible. Lamigamid® 319 has been the leading material for sliding elements in the market for decades.

More information about Lamigamid® 310.

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