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Product Customising Centre enlarged

Position as market leader expanded: The Röchling Sustaplast KG from Lahnstein has invested two million euros in the construction of their Product Customising Centre and thus expanded its position as the market leader for cuts of semi-finished high-performance plastics

Röchling Sustaplast investing two million euro

Lahnstein – Röchling Sustaplast KG from Lahnstein has invested two million euro in the new construction of their Product Customising Centre. The plastics processor from the Rhine-Lahn-Circle has thus extended its position as the market leader for cut-to-size pieces of semi-finished products made of high-performance plastics.

Röchling Sustaplast manufactures one of the most diverse ranges in thermoplastic semi-finished products, such as sheet, round and hollow rods and profiles in a host of standard dimensions as well as machined parts according to customer drawings. These plastics are in application, by way of example, in mechanical engineering, the food industry, medical technology, in wind power plants or in the offshore field. Should customers need semi-finished products in special dimensions, they will be customised order-related in this Product Customising Centre.

20 percent volume increase

With the new construction of their Product Customising Centre and enlargement and modernization of the plant inventory, Röchling is meeting the growing demand for individual dimensions of semi-finished products on the market. With the conclusion of the investment, the area for the production of the cut-to-size products has clearly grown by 50 percent. „Customers receive cut-to-size products in larger quantities and in shorter periods. Our processing volume has risen by 20 percent; we have evidently enlarged our position as market leader in this field“, Franz Lübbers, Director BU Thermoplastic Semi-Finished Products, summarised the benefits.

Röchling concluded the investment project with the start-up of the last plants and completed the machinery and equipment. 14 employees bring the semi-finished products to the computer-controlled precision plants, such as rod and sheet saws, milling, grinding and planning machines exactly in the dimensions desired by the customer.

Delivery service 99 percent reliable

To enable the cut-to-size products to arrive quickly at the customers‘, all the processes in the company must be perfectly co-ordinated. Röchling Sustaplast possesses one of the largest warehouses for semi-finished plastic products in all of Europe. The high-performance Product Customising Centre was built right next to this warehouse in order to optimise material flow and to save on time-consuming paths. „The ultimate objective in the investment was to meet our customers‘ wishes optimally. We investigated the procedures from production and the warehouse right up the Product Customising Centre and now are in the position to offer delivery service reliability of 99 percent. We can deliver orders on the same day“, Lübbers revealed the high claims of the market leader.

But it is also the logistically favourable location in Rhineland-
Palatinate Lahnstein near Koblenz that is contributory to cut-to-size products being quickly delivered to all regions in Germany and also to customers in Europe. This service facilitates valuable time being saved and thus may enable their own customers to be supplied faster.

Expansion to other locations

Alongside the Product Customising Centre of Röchling Sustaplast KG, the Röchling Group leading globally in plastics processing also offers a comprehensive offer in cut-to-size products from Röchling Engineering Plastics KG in Haren. The locations in Italy, France and the Czech
Republic are also currently working on extending their capacities for cut-to-size services in order to expand the offer in Europe.