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New: Pulley Express

Unique service: Optamid® pulleys ready for delivery in just 7 working days

Xanten, Germany – The “Pulley Express”: Plastics processor Röchling Industrial Xanten offers a new service for its maintenance customers in the lift industry. Röchling promises to deliver selected deflection rollers made of Optamid® (PA 6G) within just seven days of receipt of the order. 

Extended downtimes of lifts frequently are a cause of anger and frustration. In particular in public buildings or hospitals. Röchling Industrial wants to counteract this and has established a new service: The Pulley Express. Röchling promises a delivery time of just seven days for the most common pulleys. "We know how annoying long downtimes of lifts are. Frequently, our customers have to ask their clients to be patient when long delivery times for pulleys delay maintenance or repair work" says Lothar Sieber, Elevator Sales Manager at Röchling Industrial Xanten, one of the leading providers of deflection rollers made of cast polyamide worldwide. “For the quick maintenance or repair of lifts, the availability of spare parts at short notice is vital.” Röchling has considered how the company can contribute to reducing downtime. The result is the Pulley Express.  

Röchling has analysed the market and identified 25 standard sizes having diameters ranging from 160mm to 520mm. The specialist for polyamide casting has prefabricated and stored these as blanks. Immediately after receipt of the order, the blanks are machined on modern CNC milling machines in accordance with the technical specifications specified by the customer. After a subsequent quality check, the finished deflection rollers can be sent directly to the desired delivery address by express delivery. The Pulley Express is offered to customers based in Europe. 

Lothar Sieber, who has been active in the field for a long time, is thrilled: "Our pulleys made of Optamid® (PA 6G) have been successfully used in lifts for more than 45 years. With Pulley Express, our customers can schedule actions more freely, avoid long downtimes and get the top quality they can rely on." 

This new service expands Röchling Industrial’s range of services for the lift industry. For decades, renowned manufacturers have been using the quality products of Röchling Industrial Xanten (formerly Schwartz GmbH Technische Kunststoffe) for the development, original equipment and maintenance of lifts and escalators. Typical components are deflection pulleys, tension pulleys and door pulleys, which, owing to their low weight and rope-protecting properties, mainly replace heavy steel components and thus contribute to the efficiency of lifts. 


Customers can quickly avail themselves of the Pulley Express via the
Pulley Express hotline +49 2801 76-66 or at the website

Prefabricated blanks made of the brand material Optamid® are available for the new Pulley Express in 25 standard sizes at diameters ranging from 160mm to 520mm – Röchling Industrial Xanten machines the blanks in accordance with the specifications and ships the finished deflection rollers by express delivery on request

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