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TroBloc® M - Hygienic wall cladding sheets

Facilitate compliance with the highest standards of hygiene in medical facilities

In medical institutions proper hygiene protects and saves lives. Whether in hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics or nursing homes - comprehensive hygiene management and strict rules of conduct help medical staff prevent infections and thus contribute to the safe treatment of patients. The correct cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment, furnishings and wall surfaces are an important part thereof.

We have developed our TroBloc® M hygienic wall panels in particular with the requirements of the medical sector in mind.

  • TroBloc® M hygienic wall cladding sheets have an exceptional easy-to-clean effect, which permits the thorough and quick cleaning even of large surfaces
  • TroBloc® M hygienic wall cladding sheets support medical personnel in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in medical facilities
Hygienic wall panels / hygienic wall cladding sheets in a hospital made of TroBloc® M
One of several operating theatres equipped with TroBloc® M hygienic wall panels in the central hospital of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr Zentralkrankenhaus) in Koblenz/Germany
Cleaning of hygienic wall panels / hygienic wall cladding sheets in hospital TroBloc® M
TroBloc® M hygienic wall panels have an easy-to-clean effect permitting the quick cleaning of even large surfaces
hygienic wall panels  / hygienic wall cladding sheets in hospital schematic representation TroBloc® M
Schematic representation of the Easy-To-Clean effect: Owing to the highly hydrophobic surface, liquids roll off immediately and take any dirt along

Characteristics - TroBloc® M hygienic wall panels

Compared to conventional surfaces, TroBloc® M has several advantages. It takes great effort to clean large surfaces such as walls and doors, in particular tiled walls having numerous joints. In addition, in medical facilities they must withstand regular and repeated contact with aggressive disinfectants and cleaning agents for long periods of time. TroBloc® M meets these requirements because of its special characteristics:

  • Highly hydrophobic surface: TroBloc® hygienic wall panels are produced using an extrusion process, which results in a particularly dense, smooth surface. In a further finishing step, the active side is adjusted highly hydrophobic(highly water-repellent) and the finest pores are sealed even further. This additionally prevents the penetration of dirt and liquids into the surface.
  • Easy-to-clean effect: Owing to these extraordinary hydrophobic, i.e. water-repellent, characteristics of the panels, TroBloc® is particularly suitable for cladding walls that have to be cleaned frequently as liquids run off and dirt does not adhere easily. The special finishing of the panel surface using our specialized manufacturing process also results in a high resistance to scratching and a very smooth surface. This has the advantage of significantly simplified cleaning over other, in particular structured, systems. With structured panels, impurities can remain as breeding grounds for microbes, which results in a biofilm forming over time.
  • Long service life: The active side of TroBloc® M is resistant to chemicals and extremely scratch-resistant. It can withstand regular cleaning with common disinfectants and cleaning agents for long periods of time, depending on the cleaning method chosen. This means the function of TroBloc® M is maintained for a long time even after frequent cleaning.
  • Very easy installation: The installation of our TroBloc® hygienic wall cladding sheets is particularly easy, as full-surface bonding can be easily performed on different surfaces. TroBloc® wall panels therefore have a large, closed surface without recessed joints, making cleaning even more efficient. Conventional wall coverings, such as those consisting of ceramic tiles, are much more complex to mount or affix and have countless joints and cross joints, aggravating their keeping clean and maintaining hygiene.
  • Active side with silver ion technology: The suitability of TroBloc® as hygienic wall panels is supplemented by treating the active side with silver ion technology, which impairs the reproduction of certain microbes such as bacteria or fungi on the surface. The effectiveness of this proven silver ion technology is based on an interaction of the silver ions with the proteins and the DNA of these microbes and has been confirmed by tests performed by an independent laboratory in accordance with the standards. In terms of the Biocidal Products Regulation, TroBloc® is a so-called "treated article".

Renovation of an operating theatre - before / after

Tiled wall in hospital before installation of the TroBloc® M hygienic wall panels / hygienic wall cladding sheets in a hospital
Before: Tiled operating theatre
hygienic wall panels / hygienic wall cladding sheets in a hospital - TroBloc® M
After: The operating theatre with TroBloc® M hygienic wall cladding sheets

Fields of application

TroBloc® M hygienic wall panels are suitable for cladding walls, ceilings, doors and surfaces in

  • treatment rooms and operating theatres
  • sterilization rooms and instrument processing rooms
  • sickrooms and isolation wards
  • hospital corridors
  • care facilities
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • mobile doctor’s offices and testing containers

TroBloc® M foam

Under the brand name TroBloc® M foam, TroBloc® M is available as a foamed panel having a panel thickness of 10 mm. TroBloc® M foam is particularly suitable for designs requiring higher mechanical stiffness and simultaneously hygienic characteristics:

  • Ceilings having a grid system
  • Sectioned wall designs
  • Cladding and straightening of uneven walls
  • Covering of cables in medical facilities
TroBloc® M foam - foamed panel having a thickness of 10 mm – hygienic wall cladding sheets / hygienic wall panels
TroBloc® M foam - foamed panel having a thickness of 10 mm

Product range

TroBloc® M

TroBloc® M foam

Other dimensions on request
Colour: TroBloc® M and TroBloc® M foam can be produced in almost any desired colour.
White is available ex stock



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more about our hygienic wall cladding sheet TroBloc® M. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.




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