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Lamigamid® 1220

PA — PA 12 G



  • High rigidity
  • Low stress
  • Good dimensional stability

Application Examples

Door rollers

For many years, heavy-duty door rollers made of Lamigamid® materials (PA 6G) have been used in large (freight) lifts. All Lamigamid® materials have a high fatigue strength and good resilience. Their modulus of elasticity is significantly lower than that of steel or cast steel. The low modulus of elasticity has a positive effect on heavily stressed running wheels by reducing contact loads. Various plastics having different properties are available for heavy-duty door rollers BU1:Door rollers made of Lamigamid® available in many different diameters and with built-in bearings on request BU 2: Construction view with heavy-duty door rollers made of Lamigamid® in various diameters Properties: High fatigue strengthGood resilienceLow moduli of elasticity

Technical Specifications Lamigamid® 1220

Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
DensityDIN EN ISO 1183-1g / cm31,02-1,03
Water absorptionDIN EN ISO 62%0,7
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Yield stressDIN EN ISO 527MPa 60
Elongation at breakDIN EN ISO 527% 20
Tensile modulus of elasticityDIN EN ISO 527MPa 2000
Notched impact strengthDIN EN ISO 179kJ / m2 10
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Melting temperatureISO 11357-3°C190-195


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