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Parts and materials for ventilators

Available at short notice - in many different dimensions and colours

Designing and manufacturing ventilators imposes great responsibility upon you as the manufacturer. To treat patients safely, your ventilators must meet the highest medical requirements in terms of functionality, reliability and process stability. 

We support you in designing your ventilators using our wide range of thermoplastics. 

  • Available at short notice 
  • Proven and tested globally 
  • Available as semi-finished products and machined components 
Ventilators have to meet extreme medical requirements: Our plastics are used in ventilators all over the world and their properties contribute to the high functionality, reliability and process stability thereof.

Available at short notice:

We have the largest stock of semi-finished thermoplastics products in Europe. Many of them have been in use in medical equipment for decades. We can deliver instantly. 

We have the largest network of machining capacity in Europe, ready to answer all requests in short time.

Wide variety of materials:

Different ventilator and component designs call for very different materials . We support the different requirements with our wide range of thermoplastics. Our tried and proven construction materials for ventilators include: 

  • Sustarin® C (POM-C) 
  • SustaPEEK (PEEK) 
  • SustaPEI (PEI) 
  • Sustamid 66 GF (PA 66 GF) 

Are you looking for a specific material in the design of your ventilators? Feel free to contact us. We can offer you a variety of materials that is unique in the market.

For further information regarding our range of materials please refer to our materials site:

Röchling Industrial Material

Medical Grade Materials:

In certain cases, materials must meet specific regulations if they are to be used in medical devices. Our Medical Grade products (MG) provide a range of products specially developed for medical engineering. Our Medical Grade materials include:

  • SustaPEEK MG (PEEK) 

  • Sustason PPSU MG (PPSU) 

Further information about our Medical Grade materials

Where are our materials used?

Our materials are used to manufacture a wide variety of components used for designing and producing ventilators. Their properties contribute to the high functional safety and process stability and thus to the safe treatment of patients. The components include, for instance:

  • Housing 
  • Valves 
  • Switches 
  • Guide components 
  • Sleeves 
  • Adapters 
  • Reducers 
  • Cylinders 
  • Clamps 
Various design elements: Our materials are used in a wide variety of components for ventilators
Ventilator in black having various design elements of differing geometries and dimensions
Machined mounting bracket in black for a ventilator

Product range:

Our thermoplastics for designing your ventilators are available at short notice as semi-finished products and machined components in accordance with customer drawings.


Sheets, rods and tubes: Depending on the material, available as rods, sheets and tubes of various colours and dimensions. 

Rods made of Sustarin® C (POM)
Sheets made of Sustarin® C (POM-C)
Sheets, rods and tubes made of SustaPEEK (PEEK)

Machined components in accordance with the customer drawings: In our modern CNC machining centres, we machine your components in accordance with customer drawings having exact tolerances and complex geometries. We offer almost unlimited processing possibilities and a unique range of modern high tech machinery and equipment from leading manufacturers. Every year, we machine several thousands of components for our customers individually and in accordance with the drawings. Based on this experience, we know: Every component has unique requirements in terms of geometry, tolerances and surface finish. Machining capabilities are complemented by finishing, part marking, assembly and clean room facilities.


Handle of an ultrasonic probe machined from SustaPEEK MG
Housing component machined from Sustarin® C (POM-C)
Breast biopsy unit made of SustaPEEK manufactured using close tolerance machining

What makes our materials so special?

Chemically stable: Depending on the material, our plastics are highly resistant to many commercially available disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Easy to machine: Our plastics are easy to machine, thus permitting the rapid production of individual components having complex geometries and tight tolerances.

Wear-proof: Our plastics for ventilators are extremely wear-proof. Therefore, components made thereof have a very long service life.

Biocompatible: Our Medical Grade materials have been tested for biocompatibility of the semi-finished product in accordance with ISO 10993-5

Quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485: We offer complete traceability for our Medical Grade materials, from the semi-finished product back to the raw-material batch. Based on our quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485 we make sure that these requirements are met, controlled and documented.

Raw materials: We exclusively use high-quality raw materials from renowned manufacturers for our medical grade materials. For all materials, the manufacturers confirm the chemical composition complying with the regulations on the hygiene foodstuffs of the FDA.

Decades of experience

As a strategic partner of our customers, we know the special requirements that exist in the design of medical instruments and devices. Today, we offer manufacturers more than just thermoplastic semi-finished products based on various plastics.

In addition to our extensive know-how in plastics, our customers benefit from our many years of experience in medical engineering. We are familiar with the requirements of the pertinent regulations, such as the Medizinproduktegesetz (German Medical Devices Act - MPG), the European Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC, and we are glad to advise our customers in their search for the proper material for their application.



We would be pleased to support you in designing your ventilators using our materials. Just use the contact form at the bottom of the page and drop us a note.



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