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Plastic materials and parts for Diagnostics

Materials and parts for Diagnostics

If you are a medical device manufacturer or laboratory engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of illness, we have a range of products and services supporting your requirement for biologically inert materials and products. Machined parts with the most demanding level of accuracy and cleanliness:

  • Design and material advice

  • Prototype production

  • Demanding geometries

  • Bespoke quality control

Typical parts include

  • Extraction spacers

  • Load lack chambers

  • Manifolds

  • Housings

  • Connectors

  • Plate guides

Application examples

The performance and service life of materials used in the healthcare sector are influenced by a variety of factors. When choosing the right material, factors such as surface quality requirements, contact with cleaning agents, disinfectants, dimensions and/or tolerances are essential.

Durostone® components for MRT

Durostone® glassfibre-reinforced material is permeable to magnetic fields making them excellently suited for use in magnetic resonance tomography (MRT). Components made of Durostone® include patient beds, coil supports made of coiled rings and spacers machined according to customer drawings. Typical material Durostone®.

Wear profiles for drug analysis

Wear profiles for drug analysis require materials that are chemically resistant and have good wear properties. Sustadur® PET is particularly suitable for these applications due to its properties and good performance at high temperatures.

Fluid chamber assembly

  • We supplied the assembly completely assembled to enable our customers to use it smoothly.
  • By developing specialized cutting and cleaning processes, we implemented effective measures to prevent stress cracking.
  • A closed pressurized assembly area was developed to eliminate dust contamination and ensure the quality of the assembly.
  • In addition, we package each assembly in an ISO Class 7 clean room to minimise potential contamination.

Fluid manifold block

  • Sustarin® C not only fulfils the physical requirements, but has also successfully passed the customer's internal compatibility tests.
  • To ensure high repeatability in series production, we have implemented a PPAP process for all prototype developments.
  • By introducing endoscopic inspection, we were able to ensure that 100% of the cross-drilled holes met quality standards.
  • The use of 5-axis milling machines enabled us to achieve precise positioning and therefore optimise the positioning accuracy of the block.

Selection of Medical Grade Products

Selection of Healthcare Grade products

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