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Bottles for Opthalmic Squeeze Dispenser

Application & Areas of Use

Röchling Medical manufactures bottles specifically designed for use with Aptar Pharma's Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD).

The bottles are an integral part of the function of the entire eye dropper system which is specifically designed for ophthalmic formulations (eye drops) that do not contain preservatives, and can thus be gentler and more tolerable for the patient. 

Special mechanisms of the system are designed to prevent contamination of the eye drops so that no additives are required in the formulation and packaging material.



Bottles for Aptar Pharma Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser OSD

Features & Properties

The bottles are an innovative design developed in collaboration with Aptar Pharma.

They are specially designed for easy handling for consumers and patients. The bottle's wall thickness influences the restoring force and is therefore critical for functionality: if the wall thickness is too low, the back ventilation into the system can be negatively affected. The dimensions of the neck must also comply with tight tolerances so that the sealing system functions properly. Röchling Medical offers the bottle range ready-to-fill (sterile).

  • Bottle with snap-on finish, compatible with Aptar Pharma OSD device
  • Exact fit between components enables preservative-free formulation
  • Manufactured in cleanrooms GMP class C
  • Automated testing of quality features such as tightness and visual inspection
  • Delivered ready-to-fill (sterile)


  • Sizes: 7 ml, 10 ml
  • Other sizes possible on request
  • Geometry provides optimized haptics, easy operation and optimal flow control
  • Eye drops can be administered by squeezing the bottle with little physical effort 
  • Sizes: 7 ml, 10 ml
  • Highly chemically inert COC material – can be advantageous for use with certain ophthalmic active substances compared to the standard LDPE bottle
  • Softer feel compared to conventional LDPE bottles
  • Highly transparent, very similar look to a glass 
  • Sizes: 10 ml

Further details can be found in the brochure below.

Standard Product Range

Pharmaceutical primary packaging and containers for diagnostics and analytics

Our Expertise

Specialists in plastic processing for pharmaceutical primary packaging

Röchling Medical’s sophisticated GMP-standard cleanroom concepts, with highly automated manufacturing, assembly and packaging lines, paired with many years of production know-how, meet our customers’ requirements for low-germ, functional, high-quality, and thus safe, pharmaceutical primary packaging. We are your partner for customized solutions from concept to series production.

Experts in pharma primary packaging 

Röchling Medical has long experience as a supplier of primary containers for various pharmaceutical dosage forms. We are a partner of leading pharmaceutical companies

Fullfilling high quality requirements

We produce, assemble and package according to ISO 15378 in GMP class C and D clearooms.

Design and tooling expertise

Our experienced development team collaborates with customers from the start for optimal design solutions.



Sterile Products Capability

Our in-house packaging development enables us to offer customized solutions to deliver sterile, ready-to-fill products.

Manufacturing at the Following Locations

Röchling Medical Competences

Our Expertise, Your Benefit

Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise in plastics and metal processing, but also from our many years of experience in medical technology and pharma. As your solution partner, we are familiar with both the regulatory and practical requirements of creating components and products for the healthcare sector tailored to your needs. We meet the highest quality and hygiene standards and operate in strict compliance with relevant regulations, such as the Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

Contact Us

For more information about our specifically designed bottle solutions, please contact our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Head of Regional Sales

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