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The star behind the scenes

Cable drums for the stage machinery

When international stars perform their shows, when a play or an orchestra inspires the audience, the stage machinery plays its part hidden in the background. The stage machinery is the star behind the scenes. Röchling Industrial in Xanten produces cable drums made of Lamigamid® 310 for an international customer specialising in stage machinery to ensure a smooth change in scenery.

There is a lot of machinery found behind the stages of national and international theatres and venues. During elaborate theatre plays, musical events or orchestral performances, the audience should barely notice the changes in scenery. While the audience enjoys the great performances shown in theatres, the stage technicians work behind the scenes to ensure that the scenery, lighting and sound perfectly complement the performance.

An important part of the stage machinery is the so-called overstage machinery. It is used to change the scenery, open and close the curtains or transport entire orchestras. The cable drums made of Lamigamid® 310 from Röchling in Xanten play a key role in this.

Synchronous winches with cable drums made of Lamigamid® 310: They move the scenery as part of the stage machinery
The cable drum made of Lamigamid® 310: the material has a long service life

The Lamigamid® 310 cable drum is part of a synchronous winch manufactured by the customer Trekwerk, based in Weesp, the Netherlands, and holds eight steel cables with a length of 23 metres. 71 of these synchronous winches are used, for example, in the “Haus der Berliner Festspiele”. Equipped with a servomotor, each winch can move 700 kilogrammes of weight at a speed of two metres per second.

Lamigamid® 310, a cast polyamide 6, is perfectly suited for this task. More than ten years ago, the manufacturer of synchronous winches switched from steel drums to drums made of Lamigamid® 310. The material is much lighter than steel, which allows for a simpler design and significantly reduces the energy expenditure of the servomotor. The steel cables themselves are subject to high loads. Thanks to their high mechanical stability, the drums made of Lamigamid® 310 will ensure a long service life of the cables and at the same time muffle distracting noises. Next time you’re in the theatre, remember the star behind the scen s. Raise the curtain!

Take a look at how the stage machinery works: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_OoK0NsZzU


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