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Success Stories

Ambitious projects often fail in the face of reality. This is not the case with Röchling BioBoom. This plastic alternative made from up to 90 percent renewable raw materials has made it all the way to series production.


Nice, new sustainability

The fact that Röchling-BioBoom is making its debut in vehicles with sustainable drive systems is a perfect fit. One customer is now using the bioplastic for the design covers in its hydrogen-powered van.

Röchling-BioBoom allows for a more sustainable vehicle design and has numerous options for design surfaces. In addition to protecting important components, the covers in the engine compartment provide a high-quality design.


Innovation at the forefront

The material design was also the reason for another series order from a premium Asian brand. This time, however, Röchling-BioBoom is even more at the forefront- the new vane material is on the front of the vehicle of their new all-electric coupe.

The plan was to manufacture the vanes from conventional plastic and then paint them. The aim was to achieve an intense black with a piano lacquer effect. Our bioplastic achieves this finish entirely without painting, eliminating several processing steps. This saves costs and reduces production effort. 


Welcome to the future

Further components such as door trim strips, air vents, and interior parts in plant fiber optics made of Röchling BioBoom are being discussed with various manufacturers.

This should make the next generation of vehicles even more sustainable and now not just because of the powertrains.



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