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Research & Development

Research & Development

Local Support – Global Reach

Thanks to the fact that we as an engineering systems partner already take future needs into account today and consider all critical key parameters in our development solutions, there is a worldwide demand for our services:

  • Advanced development
  • Concept developments
  • Small and large series production implementation
  • Validation of components and systems
  • In-house tool and system manufacturing
  • Customer service on location

Our research and development is characterized by a systematic innovation management and extensive knowledge of future solutions and methods for developing new products and materials.

We optimize and accelerate development and production processes through the utilization of modern design, simulation, testing, production tools, and by combining our competencies. Hence, we are in a position to offer bundled expert know-how that comprises everything from prototype engineering to test laboratories, tool manufacturing, process development to production technologies.

Process technologies – innovative and global

  • 2K, 3K injection molding
  • Direct compounding
  • Projectile injection (gas and water) LWRT, DLFT, GMT, SMC pressing
  • 2K, 3D, 2K/3D extrusion bubbles
  • Automated 100% checks
  • End of line programming

Overall Röchling Automotive employs over 200 engineers. The development and optimization of systems and components takes place in the main development sites in Laives/Italy, Worms/Germany, Troy/USA and Kunshan/China as well as engineering support centers.



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