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Key Facts

A new dimension of sustainability

The inspiration behind the development of Röchling-BioBoom was to use highly available, reasonably priced and, above all, renewable raw materials. The new material consists of at least 90 percent of ingredients extracted from sugar cane and sugar beet, for example. In the future, we will even be able to use cellulose for this purpose. These ingredients are renewable and at the same time available in large quantities. There is no effect on the food chain, because most of the raw materials come from production for industrial purposes. That makes the product sustainable and guarantees reliable availability in almost any quantity.

Our biopolymers are just as suitable for use in automotive engineering as the plastics normally used. In terms of stability and durability, the new material is even clearly superior to standard PLA. With better aesthetic properties and higher scratch resistance and dimensional stability, our Bio-PLA is often even the better choice.



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