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Certified Sustainability

Well to Wheel

Despite their numerous impressive properties, bioplastics are still frequently viewed with skepticism. People often ask where the raw materials come from, how much energy is required to produce the plastics and what happens to materials that have reached the end of their lives. These questions are, of course, perfectly justified. We believe that bioplastics represent a real alternative only if their positive environmental impact can be measured and demonstrated.

Röchling Automotive has even set up its own supply chains to accommodate this new material, which means that the components are subject to continuous quality control – from the raw material production stage right through to the finished product. Continuous testing is also performed by a number of independent organizations. Röchling-BioBoom is, among other things, REACH-compliant and has successfully completed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Bonsucro, an NGO, has certified the product as sustainable.



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