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Connecting the Dots - Understanding Battery Solutions

Battery Solutions

Electromobility is a future market. A market that we, as a leading supplier of plastics for battery solutions, are driving forward together with strong partners. For this we observe global and local trends, invest in R&D, learn from and with the best. Challenges drive us to innovation day by day.

Röchling is the driving force when it comes to the use of innovative plastics. Since we have been designing and producing a wide variety of battery components in series for years, we know both the requirements of the automotive industry and those of battery suppliers. By daring to think freely and to leave the beaten paths, we exploit the full potential of material and offer customized, sustainable solutions for all battery types.

Functional parts for closing, protecting and sealing of the overall battery structure against the environment and occupants, not only providing structural support but also thermal insulation.

Over-molded metal to plastic for cell-to-cell connection and isolation, both for prismatic and round cells. The concept allows individual cell monitoring without need for modules and works for all sizes due to its modularity.

Advanced thermal management systems ensure that the ideal temperature is reached quickly and maintains inside the optimum range to guarantee best overall performance of the battery system. Cooling excessive heat increases safety and ensures longevity.

Our battery enclosures work as damping systems between the layer of the cells and the underrun protection. They combine endless fiber materials to carry the loads and a low-cost core made of thermoplastic materials to ensure high strength, high stiffness and a high impact resistance with elastic deformation.

Battery cross members improve overall stiffness, carrying battery cells or components and transferring impact loads within the vehicle structure.

Specific underrun protection shock absorber and intrusion protector are dedicated to crash and intrusion safety. They can be part of chassis or part of the battery pack with integrated thermal insulation as well as structural support.



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