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Composite - fiber-reinforced plastic

We provide you with a comprehensive range of fiber-reinforced plastics. We handle both GFRP plastic and CFRP plastic.

Our composite materials are composed of  either fiberglass (GFRP) or carbon fiber (CFRP). With that combination you get a material that is stiff, strong and light.

Our unique Durostone® delivery program gives you an extremely strong product with electrical, thermal and chemical properties. Our Durostone® boards meet the requirements of the EN 60893 standard. You can also have threaded rods, wedges, insulation frames and much more developed in our composite materials.

Fiberglass-reinforced and carbon-fiber-reinforced composite

You can get your components exactly the way you want them. We produce them according to your customer drawings and with a short delivery time. From us you get professional advice, just as we offer to assist in the actual design process.

Unique expertise in the manufacture of composite materials:

  • GFRP and CFRP profiles with widths up to 1,000 mm, heights up to 600 mm, standard lengths up to 6,000 mm and larger lengths on request
  • Ball bearing holders and components up to a winding diameter of 3,500 mm
  • Compression molded components in dimensions up to 1,900 x 1,400 x 1,000 mm
  • Threaded rods up to 12,000 mm long

Do you want to read more about what types of components you will be able to have designed and produced in just composite? Read more here


Your supplier of composite materials

Our employees are plastic specialists, and therefore we can guide and advise you to choose the right plastic material for your components. We design and produce for a wide range of industries. These include the machinery industry, the wind turbine industry, the food industry, the drinking water and wastewater industries as well as aquafarming.

If you have questions about our composite solutions, you are always welcome to contact us.

Every application requires a material that meets some very specific requirements. When you have your components manufactured at Röchling Industrial Allingaabro, you benefit from the comprehensive range of thermoplastic and composite materials.



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