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Deployment for Röchling

The colleagues of our company fire department in Leifers are there for us. In the case of fire protection needs.

The breathing apparatus pulls on their shoulders. Over the radio, you can clearly hear the heavy breathing of the others and then everything happens very quickly. Mattia hears a small explosion in the corner of the room. Through his visor, he feels the enormous heat. For a brief moment, everyone is a little confused. But then Mattia knows exactly what to do.

When the fire is finally extinguished, it's time to go outside, take off your helmet and breathe deeply. It smells burnt everywhere. Gradually, relief spreads among the firefighters. Mattia is visibly proud of himself and his team.

Top training from the pros

Fortunately, this fire was only a drill. In a fire room at the provincial firefighting school in Vilpian in South Tyrol. This is where the volunteers of our company fire department learn everything they need to know in the event of an emergency. It is precisely this mixture of theory and action that Mattia finds so exciting: "Being in the fire department means being able to lend a hand. But before that, you have to have learned where exactly to do so."

Swap suit for protective gear

Our company fire department is one of the most valuable departments at our Leifers site. What makes it special is that every colleague can join. "Here, everyone is equally committed to the cause. No matter which department or position," says fire department commander Oswald.

The team currently has 20 volunteers. And they are highly trained. From firefighting to specialization courses in respiratory protection and high-altitude rescue, everything is included. Even technical assistance is a task of our fire department. According to Oswald, it is the intensive training that makes the service with helmet and protective gear so attractive: "We learn things that could save lives someday. That is immensely motivating."

Help since 1983

Our plant fire department in Leifers was founded back in 1983, so helping has a long tradition here. The Röchling team has even gone out to support local fire departments in firefighting operations.

To prevent emergencies from occurring in the first place, Oswald focuses on prevention: "We work closely with other departments. For example, the plant guards. That way, most hazards don't arise in the first place."

We hope that things continue to only get dicey during drills and we say:

Dear colleagues, we are glad that you exist!

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