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SCR Tank Systems

Technology for stringent emission standards

SCR is a special catalyst technology based on the additive AdBlue. The technology is used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles. This also ensures compliance with the latest emission standards. RDE test procedure under real conditions: For the systems to work efficiently, the addition of AdBlue must work reliably - at all temperatures and in all driving situations.


Unadulterated driving pleasure

However complex the SCR Systems for the after-treatment of exhaust gases may be, the end user should be affected by them as little as possible. The decisive factors here are low noise, reliability and ease of refilling. Only in this way will the system be accepted by even the most demanding customers.


A solution from Röchling suitable for everyday use

A noise-optimized tank with maximum amount of usable liquid and additional tank heating makes our SCR solution particularly reliable. Therefore a perfect function can be granted until the last quantity of AdBlue in the tank even at low temperature, slope and dynamic driving condition. A special system also ensures that AdBlue is refilled quickly, cleanly and odourlessly.

The most important highlights

With us, engineering, toolmaking, equipment and processes for mass production come from one source. Thanks to our dense network of locations, we are almost always in the direct vicinity of our customers all over the world.

Your customer benefit from our SCR Tank Systems

Injection moulded tank

Tank heating

Filling system

Full Service from Röchling

Active SCR Tank
Active SCR Tank
Sloshing ribs prevent annoying sloshing noises
SCR filling head
Injection molded SCR tank
SCR tank

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