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Tecnología de salas blancas
Tecnología de salas blancas

Plásticos para unas salas blancas seguras y de alta calidad


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Wet bench with Trovidur® EC-FR – FM 4910 (PVC-U), certified for clean-room technology

Trovidur® EC-FR sheets are approved to FM4910, which is often a pre-requisite for construction materials for components in the semi-conductor industry. The FM4910 approval attests to the particularly flame-retardant properties of Trovidur® EC-FR. At the same time, the material offers very high levels of chemical resistance, which is a pre-requisite for the construction of “Wet Benches”.

Trovidur® EC-Clad (PVC-U) for wall cladding

Trovidur® EC-Clad wall panels meet the high hygiene and visual demands of public and commercial facilities. The are easy to assemble, low maintenance and available in different formats. They can be applied directly to most flat surfaces with a special adhesive. The few joints are closed with profiles so that they form a smooth, seamless surface. Trovidur® EC-Clad is resistant to chemicals and can withstand commonly-used cleaning agents. Trovidur® EC Clad also meets fire protection requirements. With Trovidur® EC-Clad LS we also offer a smoke-resistant material that meets the requirements of EN 13501 for classification B s2 d0.

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