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Plastics for Fish and Marine Animal Breeding

Aquafarming – Plastics for cost-efficient and reliable fish and marine animal breeding

Aquafarms are becoming ever more important. Overfishing of seas has drastically reduced fish stocks. The world population is growing and the demand for food is rising. Modern aquafarms help to provide controlled breeding and reproduction of fishand aquatic organisms such as mussels, shrimps and algae. Cost-efficient and reliable breeding requires a lot of know-how, dedication and, above all, efficient systems. At the same time, breeders must meet high requirements for animal health and food safety. We support you in this task with our plastics. With a high corrosion resistance and mechanical stability our materials are a perfect fit for the special requirements of aquaculture. They play an important role in durable, low-maintenance and cost-effective aquafarms around the world.

Your advantages

  • Durable & low-maintenance: excellent resistance to corrosive salt water
  • High degree of mechanical stability
  • High UV stability
  • Hygienic: easy to clean with common cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Excellent processing characteristics

Typical application areas

  • Onshore fish farming tanks for salt water and freshwater fish
  • Offshore fish farms
  • Recirculation facilities
  • Transport vessels for farmed fish
  • Mussel farming

Application examples

Vigas de soporte para Bateas fabricadas en Polystone® G HD negro

En Galicia, los mejillones crecen en balsas de mejillones, las llamadas bateas, con vigas de soporte hechas de polipiedra G negro HD. Polystone® G black HD ofrece una alta resistencia al agua salada agresiva y, con su alta resistencia a los rayos UV, resiste la fuerte luz solar a largo plazo. En comparación con los materiales utilizados convencionalmente, como la madera, los soportes de plástico son particularmente duraderos y de bajo mantenimiento.

Tanques de piscicultura hechos de Polystone® G y Polystone® P

Dependiendo de los requisitos del tanque de piscicultura, se puede utilizar Polystone® G o Polystone® P. Económico: Con su alta resistencia a la corrosión y estabilidad mecánica, los tanques de piscicultura hechos de Polystone® G y Polystone® P son de bajo mantenimiento y duraderos y respaldan la eficiencia económica del cultivo. Higiénico: La superficie lisa es muy fácil de limpiar con agentes de limpieza comunes y, por lo tanto, contribuye al cumplimiento de altos estándares de higiene y salud animal. Fácil procesamiento: Polystone® P y Polystone® G son muy fáciles de procesar y soldar, lo que permite la producción de contenedores redondos personalizados y contenedores rectangulares.

Instalaciones para espantar peces

Los perfiles en U de dos partes hechos de Polystone® P gris se utilizan en un sistema de espigado de peces para una planta de energía. Para mantener a los peces alejados de la estación de extracción de agua de refrigeración, se asustan por los impulsos eléctricos cuando nadan en un campo eléctrico frente al canal. Los perfiles en U fijan los cables eléctricos necesarios al fondo del canal de agua de refrigeración.

Trovidur® EC-Clad (PVC-U) for wall cladding

Trovidur® EC-Clad wall panels meet the high hygiene and visual demands of public and commercial facilities. The are easy to assemble, low maintenance and available in different formats. They can be applied directly to most flat surfaces with a special adhesive. The few joints are closed with profiles so that they form a smooth, seamless surface. Trovidur® EC-Clad is resistant to chemicals and can withstand commonly-used cleaning agents. Trovidur® EC Clad also meets fire protection requirements. With Trovidur® EC-Clad LS we also offer a smoke-resistant material that meets the requirements of EN 13501 for classification B s2 d0.

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Arrange technical advice

A range of factors determine the performance and service life of materials and equipment for aquaculture. To make the right choice and find the right design, these factors must be taken into account. For example:

We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the right materials for your application. Just use the contact form at the bottom of the page and send us a message.


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