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Active Grille Shutter

Active control of air resistance

Our Active Grille Shutter (AGS) makes efficiency controllable. Shutters near the front of the vehicle adjust the air resistance to the current driving situation: When they are closed, the resistance is lower. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced, fuel consumption is lower and electric vehicles have a longer range. With the air flaps open, the Grille Shutters allow maximum cooling through the engine compartment.


Sophisticated overall system

Our air flap systems fit seamlessly into the vehicle concept. Efficient concepts for sealing and air routing are already on board. In addition, we work with special material combinations during production, which make the component particularly resistant at its exposed position in the vehicle.


Flexible design for almost all vehicles

Thanks to their unusually flexible, modular design, our Active Grille Shutters make a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of current and future vehicle generations. And this in almost every model type - for combustion engines and in electric vehicles. Of course, the system can also be integrated directly into the grill.


Also available as Design and Bolster Grille Shutter

Aerodynamics as a design statement: Our Active Design Grille Shutters (D-AGS) with their functional design elements that manage the air resistance, can also include light effects and numerous colors and surfaces that are the style-defining element at the front of the vehicle.

The Bolster Active Grille Shutter (B-AGS) combines front-end carrier and our air flap system in one structural component. The highly developed material combination saves weight, reduces the number of parts, and is exceptionally stable at the same time.

The most important highlights

Your customer benefit through our Active Grille Shutters

Intelligent airflow management

Flexible design

Cost reduction

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Design Active Grille Shutter
Full Face Bolster Active Grille Shutter
Full Face Shutter
Active Design Grille vertical
Vertical Active Grille Shutter
Vertical Active Grille Shutter - integrated
Actuator of an Active Grille Shutter

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