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Structural Components

Structural components can replace metal and structural components. This is possible by improving very specific properties. For example, we use metal inserts or continuous fibers for reinforcement. This increases stiffness, strength and impact resistance. However, we are not only using this technology for solutions in body-in-white and battery pack applications. We will use Structural Lightweight to improve our entire product portfolio.

Another advantage of this technology is function integration. In this process, we combine several components into one and thus reduce the number of parts required. For our customers, this ultimately means less weight and lower costs.

To demonstrate the enormous potential, we carried out a case study with a stiffening strut. Currently, a magnesium die-cast component is still used here, mounted between the front wheel arches of a premium vehicle. Our intention is to develop a lighter, more resilient product for this - an ambitious goal, in other words.

Our technology can adapt to a wide range of applications. Depending on your needs, we will find the right solution.

Case Study Suspension Brace

 Steel Standard DesignHigh Performance Series ApplicationRöchling Automotive Tape Technology
 Welded Sheet Metal DesignMagnesium Die-CastPA6 Carbon Fibre Tape + Glass Fibre Injection Moulding
Corrosion Resistance--o+
Contact Corrosion+oo
Mounting / Load Introductionoo-
Additional Benefits  Functional Integration potentials:
  • Clips for Cable Harness
  • Electrical insulation
  • Thermal expansion can be dialed in

o = basis / + = higher performance / - = lower performance

Tape Technology

Tape Technology is lightweight design in its purest form. The technology makes components as light as plastic and as strong as metal. Integrated reinforcements provide the necessary safety.

The basis for components with Tape Technology is high-quality plastic. The unusual thing about it is the firmly integrated, stabilizing elements - the so-called "tapes". These consist of many extremely thin glass or carbon fibers held together by a matrix of PP or PA. All the fibers run in the same direction and over the entire length, providing a particularly pronounced stabilizing effect.

With Tape Technology we are at the beginning of a new phase in lightweight design. We can already offer important components with the technology. These include battery covers and boxes as building blocks for our electromobility. In addition, seat structures, bulkheads and partitions, and even highly stressed components such as struts benefit from the advantages of this manufacturing method. 

Your customer benefit

Our believe is to offer the right technology for the targeted requirements. We are a full service supplier achieving added value to your product through lightweight design, material & process expertise:

With our broad range of experience and know-how, we are able to supply a wide range of possible products for most structural automotive applications. Our goal is to work with our customers to find the most suitable solution for a product.


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