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Motorcycle Fuel Tanks

Progress on two wheels

The motorcycle tanks currently on the market are usually made of metal or blow-moulded plastic. Here we have thought ahead and combine injection moulding with special welding techniques in our technology. This is the first tank to go into series production that is not only exceptionally light but can also be equipped with additional functions.


Welded injection moulded parts

First, the individual parts of the motorcycle tanks are injection moulded and then welded together. This process enables us to achieve extremely high geometric precision and gives us complete freedom of design. The injection moulding process also allows us to control the wall thickness very precisely, which makes the material more robust in places subject to particular stress.   


More than a fuel tank

The possibility of integrating additional functions makes the tank even more attractive. Options range from built-in mounting devices to interfaces for the fuel pump. This is made cost-efficient and safe by the combination of a novel manufacturing process and the material specially developed for our tanks. It goes without saying that our new motorcycle tanks meet all requirements with regard to cold impact strength and hydrocarbon emissions.

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